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4 Components of a Successful Mail Campaign

By Higher Information Group on June 27, 2019 | Marketing Solutions

E-mail and other electronic modes of information delivery are a rapid way to share announcements and other important business information with target audience groups. But, even as technology continues to grow and expand, there is - and will always be - something that sets mail campaigns apart. Perhaps your target market is slow to adopt social media. Maybe you don’t want to get lost in a crowded inbox. Maybe you’re hoping to grab the attention of a very specific demographic. In each of these situations, traditional mailers may be your most effective option.

The problem is that these campaigns require a certain time and financial commitment to produce. As such, it might be tempting to use a quick template or mass printing service that seems to be the most efficient way to get your campaign out the door. Unfortunately, these services are rarely designed to help you boost your brand, reach your target market or save money in the long run. Instead, working with a service provider who has your best interests in mind from day one is critically important.

As you consider how to proceed, ensuring your campaign includes all the most important components is an excellent starting point. By the time you send it, your campaign should include:

1. The Right Mailing List

It’s easy enough to find a mailing list of individuals living in a given area. But, are they all interested in what your business has to share? Wouldn’t it be more effective to narrow your list based on specific criteria, then expand it to a larger area?

Looking for households that meet your target customer profile – and compiling information on past and existing customers – are the best way to compile a cost-effective mailing list. Establishing specifics helps avoid blanket mailings that are likely to fall short. The right mailing list is everything.

2. A Clear Purpose and Call to Action

Why are you sending your mailer?

Are you promoting an event? Announcing a new location? Sharing details for an upcoming sale? Whatever it is, your mailer recipients should be able to find everything they need on the piece they receive from you. If anything is left out, or, your purpose is unclear, your mailing may not be worth the time, cost, and energy you put into it.

3. A Flawless Design

Your mailer should convey your brand – from color scheme and logo to overall mission and beyond – to every person who receives it. The design should be flawless.

While it might be easy to put your logo on your mailer or to incorporate it into an existing online template, design is so much more than that. An experienced designer will be able to ensure the right information draws the right attention, increasing the chances of your recipient reacting to the mailer the way you hope he or she will. Design is crucial!

4. Timeliness and Relevance

As with any marketing campaign, timeliness and relevance matter greatly!

If a mailer is sent too far in advance of an event or promotion, that event or promotion is likely to be forgotten. Too close to it? The recipient may already have plans. Working with a team with experience in printing and mailing can ensure your mailer is sent exactly when it’s likely to hit the mark.

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