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5 Ways to Cut Mailing Costs You May Not Have Considered

By Higher Information Group on August 30, 2019 | Marketing Solutions

Today, businesses must balance their digital presences with that of their physical presences. This is especially relevant when it comes to sharing important business information. While it seems like most initiatives are becoming digital, there’s still something to be said about traditional mailings and outreach methods.

Questions that may be at the front of your mind as a business owner or executive might include:

  • Does promotional material still have a place in the mailboxes of clients and prospective clients?
  • Can all important information really be disseminated online?
  • Is there a way to balance the cost of traditional mailings while maintaining an effective digital/hard-copy promotional balance?

Like it or not, sharing information through standard mail is still often crucial, especially for certain demographics. But, there’s good news: there are ways to cut mailing costs that you may not be aware of. Let’s dive into a few, below.

Evaluate what you’ll be shipping and where. 

First and foremost, it’s essential to identify where you’re planning to send your mailings. If you primarily ship to one region (this is especially likely for smaller, local businesses), your shipping method will be different than a large corporation sending a national or international mailing. Regional mail carriers can be more cost-effective and efficient than national carriers. However, there may be limitations with a regional carrier that a national carrier won’t have. Doing your homework upfront is critical!

Negotiate with multiple carriers.

Once the areas you’ll be sending your mailer have been identified, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. 

Shipping companies have various schedules and pricing tables. Often, the more you ship, the lower the rate. However, small businesses also need to recognize their power. Make sure you know your shipping details – package volume, locations, frequency – before beginning those negotiations. If the shipping service knows you are comparing prices, you might have the upper hand in your negotiations. 

Additionally, it could be cost-effective to invest in prepaid shipping. If you are repeatedly sending out packages and mailers of the same size and weight, prepaid shipping might just become your best friend. Include this information in your negotiations, too. 

Ask about discounts. 

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Some mailing services offer member discounts to certain associations or partnerships. Depending on your industry, you may be able to receive discounts and benefits simply because of your connections. 

Ship in the right size package.

Shipping carriers charge based on a package’s size, weight, and destination. You will save money by using lighter and smaller packaging versus large boxes. Don’t use a large box if a smaller box or bubble mailer will do.

Use packaging from your carrier.

Once you have chosen the carrier, be sure to use their packaging. Sometimes, using other packaging results in additional fees so consider using the packaging provided by your carrier. 

Overwhelmed? That’s okay. You don’t have to go at it alone. By working with a team of professionals, like those at Higher Information Group, you can take advantage of our expertise and experience.

Better yet, our systematic approach to mass mailings, and agreements with post offices, means your mail will be delivered at the lowest price possible, in the most effective manner possible. That’s a win-win.

Reaching your target audience with the right message doesn’t have to be a challenge: contact our team, today.


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