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7 Examples of Direct Mailers that Shine

By Higher Information Group on July 12, 2019 | Marketing Solutions

Tired of sending the same-old mailers and receiving a less than ideal response?  Good news! You can make a change: not all mailers are created equally. Check out the following examples of mailers and campaigns that have made an impact for businesses around the world. Consider this a starting point for gathering inspiration for your next mailing campaign!
  1. Belgium’s World Water Day

world water day mailing

In Belgium, the World Water Day Corporation sent a creative mailer that could only be viewed when held under water. Unique and interactive, this campaign made a splash with the help of special paper and a little creativity!

  1. Magnetic Magic

A park assist company sent out a postcard designed to help promote a new parking assist tool for personal vehicles. The postcard included a tear-off car. When placed on the right spot on the postcard, magnets pulled the car into a designated parking spot!  

  1. A Break-In Box

Designed to alert apartment residents to the need for a security system, ADT created a campaign that included a flat mailer that grew into a box when inserted under an apartment door or through a slot. After it was placed under the door, it “grew” into a box that showed the simplicity of breaking into a home. Memorable? Yes. Questionable ethics-wise? Probably.

  1. Personalization Hits Home

Anyone can include an individual’s name on a mailer. But, what about a custom map pinpointing their location? Maps4Mail did just this with a custom postcard campaign that drew attention by placing a custom marker on the front of each recipient’s piece of mail. This fun example may be more cost-effective to mimic than others on this list.

  1. Driving Attention “UP!”

In Liverpool, a newly-launched Land Rover location sent out personalized invitations to a relatively small group of potential customers. The box each recipient received contained a balloon that rose into the air after the box was opened, with a personalized invitation to the business’s grand opening attached to the end of the string. Fun!

  1. Interaction at its Best

A production company, Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay, went above and beyond by sending out a working record player requiring minimal assembly as an attention-grabbing (and interactive!) direct mail campaign. Recipients were so thrilled by the campaign that the group received multiple calls for extra mailers. Your company may not benefit from sending out a record player, but, the example shows that sometimes, going above and beyond can be entertaining!

  1. Mixed Tech Mailers

Inserting a small portable sound device into a mailer (think about how music-playing birthday cards from the store work), could allow for an extra layer of appeal and interaction, like in the image above. While it may add to the weight of the campaign, it might grab more attention than a standard mailer.

Getting creative with a direct mail campaign doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, like in the examples listed above. These are merely examples to get your creative ideas flowing. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something a little extra next time you want to reach customers or potential customers through direct mail.

If you’d like to think “outside the box” before your next campaign, contact the professionals at Higher Information Group, today. We’d love to help your next campaign make an impact while driving measurable results.

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