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Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry: Marketing Success Story

By Higher Information Group on January 28, 2022 | Success Stories

Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty dental office that is specifically trained to treat all children including kids with special needs. Their practice is a small, single-doctor dental office with a kid-friendly staff that is making sure that their young patients have the best dental experience. Their small but dedicated kid-friendly staff of a pediatric dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, receptionist, and marketing coordinator go out of their way to create healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

The Needs

Once part of a larger corporate practice, Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry became an independent practice several years ago, which presented them with great excitement for the future. Along with that enthusiasm came many needs for their new office and operations, such as printing business cards, stationary, envelopes, and patient mailers. The practice also needed to create a fun and imaginative logo that would visually convey their ‘kid-friendly’ messaging in print materials, on their website, etc.

As a new and small practice Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry shopped around for a good price point on graphic design work and print materials.

The Results

After price shopping several other companies, Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry’s office manager found that Higher Information Group’s Mail & Print Division offered the best price by far with more services compared to others.

HIG not only provided all of Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry’s digital printing needs, but also provided high-quality design services to make the dental practice’s brand come to life. The HIG design team worked with the Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry staff to reconstruct a logo and collateral materials, as they had no existing digital files.

HIG fulfilled all of Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry’s design and printing needs with delivery at the best price point available.

Working with Higher Information Group

The staff at Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry raves about their relationship with the HIG printing and design teams. When asked about the services that HIG delivered, the staff most appreciates the patience, consideration, personal service, and professionalism.

From design, printing, and delivery, HIG has been by their side every step of the way. In fact, when HIG delivers the printed products, their driver stays to make sure they are happy with all items before leaving.

“Those kinds of professional services, you don’t see anymore.”, says Allison Dalton, office manager. “Even if HIG did not have the lowest price, we would still use them for our design/printing because the customer service is so good. Having the best price has been a bonus, along with the top-notch service we receive from HIG!”

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