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ConnectWise Automate

By Michael Scheidler on January 18, 2023 | Tech Corner

In today’s high-paced technology-centric world of business, IT is critical to maintain a successful company. Time is money, and spending an extended amount of time trying to correct technical issues can be costly and set your business back. As technology improves, so should your IT solutions.

This is where we’ve found that ConnectWise Automate can be a huge advantage. ConnectWise Automate is an RMM (remote monitoring & management) solution that gives you complete access and control over agent and agentless devices across your entire network. It comes with a litany of IT automation features that help keep your business running smoothly. ConnectWise Automate also significantly reduces downtime, which can impact your bottom line. It works without disrupting users while you resolve performance and/or security-related issues.

“ConnectWise Automate is the centerpiece of our support offering, allowing us to monitor and manage diverse client environments with ease. With Automate, we can collect IT asset information, perform monitoring and alerting functions, as well as write routines that trigger automatically based on significant events. We are also able to deploy software, patches, and security enhancements using Automate’s built-in scripting engine.”   Michael Scheidler Centralized Services Manager

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