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How Companies Are Saving Big on Postage Rates Using EDDM®

By Higher Information Group on February 24, 2020 | Marketing Solutions

Did you know that according  to studies from BizReport up to 85% of small business customers come from a 5-mile radius? Are you reaching these high potential customers?

It’s no secret that when coupled with impactful marketing campaigns, direct mail is experiencing an uptick in response rates. That’s right, direct mail is delivering a higher return-on-investment (ROI) than many digital channels! Learn more about maximizing your direct mail ROI here.

The frustration many businesses have with direct mail is that it is more expensive than some of today’s cheaper, digital alternatives. And if you’re not working with a knowledgeable third party for your direct mailings, the lists, permits and complicated paperwork associated with direct mail can be confusing. This is where Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) comes in.

The United States Postal Service® created EDDM as an affordable targeted marketing opportunity for businesses to reach their local communities. Unlike standard direct mail, EDDM requires no lists, names, addresses or permits. Businesses can select specific neighborhoods and even target customers based on demographics like age, income, household size, and more. Because USPS mail carriers deliver the EDDM promotional piece to EVERY DOOR/address on their carrier route, there are no names or addresses required and the cost is very budget friendly.

Is EDDM the right choice for your business?

Consider these criteria to help you determine if EDDM is a good fit for your business.

Geography – EDDM is an ideal choice for local businesses that want to reach customers and potential customers in a specific geographic area. EDDM is a natural fit for small to mid-size businesses like banks, healthcare organizations, schools, law offices, schools, restaurants, auto sales/service centers, contractors in the home remodeling industry, nonprofits, retailers and more. If you offer products or services to consumers in a specific geographic area, EDDM is definitely a great option for your marketing toolbox. It isn’t ideal for businesses that specifically market to other businesses because most carrier routes will have many more individual households/residences than businesses.

Specific Demographic Audiences – If certain demographics align well with your products & services, EDDM can be very useful. Though you cannot “cherry-pick” individual residences within a carrier route, oftentimes certain age or income segments will reside within the same route. For example, if you are targeting young families, the USPS targeting tools available can help you determine which routes would be a good match for your ideal audience.

Special Offers – If your business uses coupons, giveaways, URLs, or other special offers to promote products or services, EDDM is an ideal delivery channel for getting those opportunities in the right hands! By putting unique codes or special offers to use in an EDDM mailing, you can up the sophistication level of your marketing AND easily measure your success at the same time!

Timing – If you are having an open house NEXT WEEK and need to drum up some attendees, EDDM may not be the right tool. However, if you plan with the EDDM timeframes in mind, or your offer isn’t time-sensitive, it could make total sense. Delivery of EDDM pieces can take two weeks as compared to 2-3 days for First Class Mail. Simply planning your campaign in advance can help eliminate issues with delivery times.

Specifications on Your Delivery Piece – EDDM does have some specific size requirements, along with minimum quantities you are required to mail in order to get the great rates and maximums per day that you cannot exceed. Be sure to check these out first before making your decision.

There are many ways for your local business to get its message out to the communities it serves, but those channels are not always easy to use or cost-efficient. EDDM is an affordable option for marketing locally. Additionally, by incorporating some creative tactics and calls to action into your EDDM mailer, your success rate can be easily measured! You can use EDDM as a self-service tool through the USPS and follow their nine-step process.

The HIG team has helped many clients grow their customer lists and boost sales even without a big direct mail budget! Check out this case study that highlights why David’s Furniture is a big believer in direct mail and how leveraging EDDM, HIG helped them reach more potential customers and keep costs down!

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