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How to Increase Response Rate and Reach with Direct Mail

By Higher Information Group on March 9, 2021 | Marketing Solutions

There are certain things in life that go well together. Think peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, sugar and spice… You get the analogy. Surprisingly, direct mail and digital marketing campaigns are also on this list. Having an omnichannel approach to your digital marketing is important. After all, you want to be top-of-mind the next time someone needs the product or service you provide. Forgetting to include some of the old school basics like direct mail? Well, that can be a huge mistake. That’s why our team put together this great piece with plenty of information on why to use these very different formats in conjunction with each other. Here’s how to increase your digital marketing campaign response rate and reach with direct mail.

Marketing Numbers Tell a Story

Before we dive into the best way to pair traditional direct mail and digital marketing campaigns together, it is important to look at the marketing numbers behind basic consumer behavior. For example:

  • Most Americans receive over 600 emails and just over sixteen pieces of physical mail per week.
  • 58% of the mail consumers receive via the postal service is marketing-related.
  • 60% of people who receive a catalog in the mail go to the brand’s website to place an order.
  • According to USPS statistics, 98% of Americans check their physical mailbox daily.

Keeping these statistics in mind, you can see why digital media becomes such a clutter, and receiving physical direct mail can be a good way to stand out. Sending digital messages to an already stuffed email box are bound to get lost, while a well-designed postcard in their mailbox is likely to break through the clutter.

Formulating a Dual Marketing Plan

When you first decide to create a marketing plan that encompasses both digital media and direct mail, there are a few details you want to iron out.

First, who is your target market? And, most importantly, is the direct mail going to get lost in the shuffle if you send it to them?

For B2B companies, it can be difficult to send direct mail to the right person or department. Retail brands and services that help consumers have a distinct advantage, as they generally know exactly who they are mailing to or can at least pinpoint it down to a general resident. Do your research and build solid mailing lists.

Next, it’s time to develop your message. Think about whether you want to include a coupon, incentive, or another special offer. This is something that you’ll need to carry through both your digital advertising and your print media and potentially a great way to track results, so consider what you want to entice potential customers with.

Finally, decide on a visual appeal for both sides of your campaign. The creative assets for your email list blasts should coordinate well with any paid ads you’re using, plus the overall design of your direct mailer. Consistency helps build awareness and brand recognition. And consumers trust brands that they recognize.

Once you’ve narrowed all of this down, you can start your campaign and begin tracking results.

Testing Strategies for Your Marketing Campaigns

Now that you have all of the details worked out, it is important to come up with your testing strategies. While it is great for us to tell you that this process works, you need to know that your unique marketing materials and approach are suitable for your target market.

In this case, it can be beneficial to break your recipients up into two groups: ones that get the additional direct mail piece after an email and those that get just the email.

Keep track of who responds or purchases. This should be fairly easy, as most of the email recipients may respond directly to the email. Responses to your mailer can be tracked based on the call to action given on the piece. If consumers call or reach out to your business in other ways, such as in cases where they might be asking for a quote, make sure to ask them how they found out about your brand or your offer.

After a few weeks, you should have some pretty substantial data showing whether it is beneficial for your business and niche to use direct mail as a marketing technique to boost campaign results.

Wrap Up: Pairing Digital Marketing with Direct Response

While it might sound unconventional, pairing digital marketing with direct response mailings can deliver a tremendous lift to overall response rates. At the very minimum, people love getting something in their physical mailbox that isn’t a bill or doesn’t require action. Simply put, they love the ability to touch and feel an actual piece of mail instead of just viewing it on a screen and it will make an impression!

Kevin Lutz, HIG’s General Manager of Mail & Print, talks about how we help clients boost marketing ROI with direct mail in this short video.

If you’re ready to try out this type of marketing campaign, feel free to get in touch with our team. We’ll help you arrange everything necessary to make it work including ad creative design, brand messaging, and the actual mailing process. Contact us today for more information.

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