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Increase Profitability When You Outsource Print & Mail

By Higher Information Group on December 18, 2020 | Marketing Solutions

​Mail and print are a huge part of daily business. From invoicing to payroll to marketing campaigns - your printing and postal needs are many. Print & mail costs are inevitable, but they can be efficiently managed by outsourcing. Here’s how:

Cut Equipment Costs

Office equipment to handle your print and mail needs can range anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars. Having the latest and greatest equipment can boost efficiency but it’s a major expense. On top of initial equipment purchases, upkeep and maintenance are also considerable costs. Now, consider what happens when your equipment fails you. Repair time and expenses slow down your team and you lose productivity, costing your business. Outsourcing saves you from leasing or purchasing your own equipment and saves you the trouble of maintenance and worrying about equipment failure.

Save Your Staff Time

Your staff and their time are valuable. Repetitive tasks like printing and preparing mailings consume precious resources. Leaving these tasks to an efficient mail and print source releases hours of the workweek that can be better spent. When a technical issue arises, your staff aren’t wasting time to solve the problem and halting work. Human errors decrease with the checks and balances that a reliable print source has in place. Leave your employees to what they do best and save on time and hassles.

Limit Liability

If your business handles sensitive customer information, there are many requirements and standards for your print processes. In the event of a disaster- you must have a plan to address it. Whether it’s a fire, flood or security breach – a disaster can devour funds and company time. Cybersecurity issues are an important consideration for your business printer. Your equipment must be protected and updated regularly to avoid being hacked. Simply eliminate concerns about big issues like this when you outsource.

Presort and Postage

Discounts from presorting add up for your business. Presorting allows discounts for those who sort their mail before sending it. Discounts are offered based on service level, mail shape, and weight. Automated presorting allows you to be sure you’re receiving the best possible postage rates on all of the mail you’re sending.

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