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Marketing Mailings: Design Matters, Here’s Why

By Higher Information Group on January 12, 2019 | Marketing Solutions

From open-house mailings to general announcements and other events, there are numerous reasons to consider sending a traditional mailing campaign. They can serve as excellent marketing tools that help you drive the results you’re anxious to achieve. But, even with the best intentions - they can also be detrimental to your business in the worst case scenario, or - more commonly - less successful than you’d hoped. Why?

In many cases, it’s simply because the individual or team creating the mailing is more focused on the message itself then the design. Sure, online tools may make it seem simple enough to create mailings that stand out, but these tools may lack the consistency and professional design elements that could help make the campaign a success.

When creating your next marketing mailing, considering design from the start might be in your best interest.

Facts to Consider When Designing Mail Campaigns

The facts below solidify the importance of design for professional mail campaigns:

  • Up to 90 percent of a person’s initial assessment of a mailing or product is based on color alone.
  • Certain colors encourage action – like white – while others may promote feelings of uneasiness, even if they stand out – like red.
  • Certain fonts and spacing could lead to higher response levels.
  • Specific fonts could put readers in better moods, similar to watching a humorous video, than others.
  • Too much background texture could make text harder to read at first glance, especially among the 40+ demographic.
  • If a consumer is unable to recognize brand consistency in a mailing, they’re less likely to take action or pay further attention to the piece.

Because marketing mailings are geared toward encouraging action, understanding these nuances, and others, are critical. Especially as mailboxes continue to be filled with postcards and mailings that are all vying for their attention.

The Right Design Requires Experience

So, where should you start?

How can you ensure your design shares your business’s mission and desired intent, without working against the outcome you’re hoping for?

You could use an online tool and hope for the best. Or, you could work with a professional team willing to learn your brand inside and out, while helping to promote upcoming events and/or messages you’re focused on sharing. Allow the professionals to worry about colors and fonts, while you center in on what matters.

The best part? An experienced team can do more than design. They can help provide cost savings, create targeted audience groups, ensure USPS regulations are met and work quickly, allowing for successful outcomes and quick turnaround times.

Wondering what this could mean for your team? Want to make your next mailing campaign as successful as possible? Start with a team of professionals able to come alongside yours during the process. Visit to learn more.

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