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Save Money with Presorted First-Class Mail

By Higher Information Group on November 10, 2020 | Marketing Solutions

Are you guilty of paying First-Class postage rates for a large mailing to avoid dealing with complicated postal regulations? We get it. First-Class mail gets the highest possible priority, and you can typically expect your letter or flat (up to 13 ounces) to arrive at its destination within 1-3 days. Plus, it’s easy and relatively affordable. If your business regularly sends large quantities of First-Class items like invoices, statements, letters, contracts, cards, postcards, etc., you can take advantage of some significant USPS discounts by presorting your mail.

Can I Presort on My Own?

Absolutely! The basic premise behind presorting is simple. You are substituting doing a little more of the work that would typically occur at the post office for reduced postage rates. If your mailing consists of 500 pieces or more, you can get in on the savings. For presorted First-Class mail, savings can add up to 20%.

So, what does this “extra work” entail?

  • Securing a permit
  • Bundling your mail by zip code
  • Placing mail in trays before it arrives at the post office
  • Providing proof that your mailing list was updated within 95 days of your mail date (NCOA – National Change of Address Compliance)
  • Meeting CASS Certification Standards

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Maximize First-Class Presort Savings by Partnering with Higher Information Group

Without the in-house manpower and the right equipment, presorting on your own may not make logistical sense or be cost-effective. However, when you work with a trusted local presort partner, you can eliminate internal operational costs and leverage commingling services to unlock the biggest discounts.

By commingling, multiple mail streams, and sorting those down to the nth degree, the experts at HIG help businesses simplify the logistics of their First-Class presort mailings every day and ensure a better return on investment!

General Manager of Higher Mail Services, Kevin Lutz talks about the support Higher Information Group can provide for all of your mailing needs.

With the most advanced USPS-approved presort software, and our expertise in direct mail and postal regulations, the pros at HIG can help you optimize your postal budget! The team at Higher Information Group works directly with the United States Postal Services so you can focus on your business.

Reduce mailing costs and get consistent reliable delivery with First-Class presort through HIG.

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