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Multifunctional Devices

Simplify and Streamline Small Business Environments to High-end Print Ecosystems

From the small-town insurance firm to larger-scale commercial environments, Higher Information Group provides a range of printers and copiers designed to meet the needs of your workplace and your industry. Most businesses today prioritize reducing costs and increasing productivity. Multifunction printers (MFPs) are designed to do just that.

MFPs help organizations streamline workflows by consolidating multiple functions in one flexible, secure, and efficient device!

MFPs streamline tasks like: Printing, Copying, Faxing, and Scanning.

Depending on customization and integrated software solutions, you can also enjoy advanced security protections, cloud integrations & customizable workflows with multifunction printers.

Searching for Business Printers & Copiers?

Consider a multifunction printer (MFP). With one device that can accomplish multiple tasks versus a single function, you can improve workflow, boost security and save time, space, and money. Not sure what’s best for your business needs? We can help!

The Ultimate Multitasker

Multifunction Printers/Copiers (MFPs)

With the right functionality and integration, an MFP can be the core of your print environment.

From our offices in Harrisburg, Danville, Wilkes-Barre, Elmira, and Rochester we serve customers in Pennsylvania & New York with multifunction printers & copiers from the most trusted brands. If your requirements are minimal, perhaps a simple office copier or printer is all you need. If you currently require multiple devices, consider a few benefits of MFPs:

  • Convenience – Multiple Features in One Device
  • Save Time
  • Save on Equipment, Energy & Supply Costs
  • Enhanced Document Security/Management
  • Better Document Management
  • Remote Printing – Through Mobile/Wireless Devices
  • A Single Device Lowers Carbon Footprint

Experienced Technicians

Maximize Productivity & Minimize Disruption

Need office printer & copier service & repair? At Higher Information Group, we offer a best-practice approach to business equipment service standards. Our priority is a smart maintenance strategy that prevents unnecessary servicing and expenses, ensures reliability, and builds trust with our customers.

Our experienced techs receive ongoing certification & training and can service all the brands we sell. HIG customers that have purchased or leased their printers & copiers from us do take service/repair priority.

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Our print experts can work with you to assess your business needs and recommend the best business printers, copiers & multifunction devices to enhance your workflow, document security, user-friendliness, productivity & more.

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