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Why Your Company Should Be Using Google My Business

By Higher Information Group on March 17, 2021 | Marketing Solutions

Have you ever used Google to find a local contractor or neighborhood restaurant? If so, you’ve likely seen a list of businesses utilizing Google My Business (GMB) show up at the top of your search results. What is it and how do you utilize it? This free tool allows you to claim your local listing and position yourself as a local resource for those searching for what you offer. Claiming your listing is simple and has a whole bunch of awesome benefits that you don’t want to miss. Keep reading to learn about why your company should be using GMB and the reason this is so important.

The Basics of Google My Business

Before we can talk about the benefits or how to use it, let’s take a step back and discuss the basics. GMB is essentially a profile that shows up across Google anytime someone uses a search engine to look for a local business or service provider.

For example, if as a consumer you type in a keyword like tacos near me, then you’ll probably see a whole list of Mexican restaurants within a few miles of your current location. These are all usually businesses who have claimed their GMB profile.

And it isn’t just restaurants that this works for. Service businesses, retail locations, medical professionals, legal advisors, and many others in a wide range of industries all utilize GMB for greater exposure. In fact, data from Google shows that over 46% of all internet searches have some sort of local intent, which means it is more important than ever to have your company show up within these neighborhood or city listings.

Top Benefits of Using Google My Business

Keeping all that in mind, there are numerous benefits to adding your company to GMB. Here are the five we feel are the biggest and most important.

1. Google Map Listings

If you’ve ever wondered how a company gets a listing on Google Maps, this is how. Google My Business makes it easy for customers to locate providers and locations nearby.

2. Increase Chances of Being Part of the Three Pack

When searching for a local business, you’ll always see three listings below the paid ads and above the organic search. This is referred to as Google’s three-pack. While the exact algorithm of getting this coveted position is unclear, what we do know is required is a GMB listing.

3. Google My Business Gives Credibility to Your Business

While the process of signing up for a GMB listing is simple, it takes time and numerous checks to ensure you’re a real business. Consumers know this, which is why they tend to trust companies that have gone through the process.

4. Improved Local Search Engine Optimization

As a brick-and-mortar business, you should be highly concerned about local SEO and how well you optimize for it. The good news is that companies that claim a GMB listing seem to rank higher organically than those who do not. This little extra boost is definitely a reason to take the time to go through the process.

5. Your Competitors Are Already Using It

And… perhaps one of the most important reasons why you need a GMB listing is that your competitors are already using it. This means that they are getting those awesome top-of-the-page listings and you aren’t. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to remain competitive by jumping into the fray, as well.

Improved Customer Interactions with Google My Business

While all those benefits we just mentioned above are great, the real reason to have a Google My Business listing is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with customers.

You can add contact information, hours, specials, and other messages right on your profile. Plus, customers can tap on your phone number from their smartphone device and instantly call. Restaurants can even add menus, while other firms can add a link to directly book an appointment.

In addition, the added star reviews give patrons an opportunity to spread the word about how your company is the best in the area for your industry.

Are you ready to learn how Google My Business and other digital marketing tactics can help you grow your small business?  Contact us today to start the conversation.

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