From placing a service call to submitting a copier move request and more, we've got you covered for whatever you need! It's as easy as choosing your form and submitting it!

Getting the support you need is easy with Higher Information Group’s experts. All you have to do is choose your desired action below, submit the form, and a representative will be in contact to complete your request in no time. Don’t see the request you need? No worries! Head over to our contact page to quickly get in touch with a real representative that can help you. That’s right, no automation, just real people giving real support! We look forward to hearing from you.

Place Service Call

Equipment not working properly? When your business equipment is down, that’s lost time for your company. But at Higher Information Group, our technicians are ready to respond to your needs immediately.

Order Supplies

Need office supplies such as toner, paper, staples, or other necessities? We’ve got you covered on any front! Simply place your order through the form and you’ll have your supplies in no time.

Copier Move Request

Need to move your copier to a new location? No problem! Just complete the form to speak with a representative about copier relocation for your company.

Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

Our helpdesk experts are ready to configure, troubleshoot, and secure your computers or networks, helping your company run more efficiently with zero interruptions.

Schedule a Pickup

Fill out our simple-to-use form to schedule a pickup for data storage or destruction, making sure to include your location and the number of items we’ll be picking up from you.

Schedule a Shred

Overloaded with an enormous amount of paper? Schedule a professional shred with Higher Information Group today to experience stress-free services with a company you can trust.

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