Who We Are

We have the daily privilege of empowering our customers and improving their lives through transformative solutions backed by service and relationships they can trust.

About Our Company

Founded as Harrisburg Copiers in 1969, the company was purchased by current owner and president John G. Frisch and became Higher Information Group.

As the digital world began to change the way people worked, many clients saw a need to embrace the change and leverage technology.  HIG continues to evolve and incorporate new solutions that help companies transform how they do business. HIG provides customers with services across four divisions, including Office Solutions, Technology Solutions, Document Solutions, and Marketing Solutions. 

Transforming Businesses

We are proud to deliver solutions that help our customers manage information securely, maintain compliance and implement processes that drive efficiency and growth.

Our Purpose

To create a business environment that sets every customer up for success – empowering them to bring their vision to life.

Our Vision

A world where every customer has the freedom and flexibility to achieve their vision.

Our Mission

We help businesses transform their day-to-day operations so they can focus on what matters most. We do this by leveraging the power of technology, expertise and collaborative team members who want to make a positive difference.

Success Stories

Empowering Customers

Find out how our solutions and expertise transforms customer objectives into real-life results.

Guiding Our Decisions

Our Leadership

Building Customer Relationships that Last a Lifetime

Technology is great! We all need it and companies that offer technology are plentiful. What differentiates us? Our people. Anyone can deliver quality products or services, but without the expertise, years of experience and customer commitment, is it really a value?

We love helping our customers! So how can we help your business thrive?

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