Manage and Track Entry

Door Access Control

Easily manage access, safeguard assets, and cultivate a secure environment without the hassle of traditional keys.

Door Access Control for Businesses

Elevate Security and Convenience
and Reduce Risk

In a world where security challenges come in all shapes and sizes, door access control has become not just a choice but a business necessity. Door access control solutions seamlessly integrate advanced technology to fortify premises, monitor access, and empower businesses to respond proactively to security concerns.

Our team of access control technicians will collaborate with you to determine the ideal system for your organization’s requirements and offer professional installation, comprehensive training, and ongoing maintenance & support.

Door Access Control

Ensure your facility is monitored & protected with commercial-grade door access solutions.

  • Range of Professional Grade Entry Systems
  • On-premises, Cloud, and Hybrid Access
    Control Solutions
  • Access via Keypads, FOBs, Card Readers, Bluetooth Readers, Biometrics
  • People Counting Capabilities
  • Easily Configured & Managed from Any Device
  • Options for Monitoring, Reporting & Alerting
  • Automated Door Management
  • Integration with Security Systems,
    Surveillance Cameras, and more
  • Inhouse Maintenance Team (no subcontractors)

Maintenance Options

Our access control specialists will partner with you to assess your organization’s needs, recommend the optimal system,
deliver expert installation, provide training, and ensure ongoing maintenance & support.

Client Spotlight: Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

Creating a Smarter, Safer Workplace

Facing the complexities of managing a multifaceted operation, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, identified several challenges. These included the inconvenience and security risks associated with traditional metal keys, the need to streamline visitor management across multiple locations, and the necessity for staff to have flexible access to different areas. To address these challenges, Higher Information Group collaborated with the Food Bank to implement a comprehensive door access control system tailored to the needs of the organization.

Entryway Security Redefined

Benefits of Door Access Control Solutions

A smart alternative to traditional key entry systems, door access control offers streamlined management and the flexibility to grant access to the right individuals at the right time across your entire facility. Whether you run a small business with a few entry points or a large enterprise with multiple locations, controlling access to your business, buildings, and secure rooms is paramount in safeguarding employees, clients, and assets.

No More Keys

Access control systems eliminate the need for changing locks or reissuing keys by allowing you to deactivate lost access cards and assign new ones, reducing security threats associated with traditional keys.

Enhanced Control

Access control systems streamline the management of employee credentials and entrance security through a centralized platform, offering administrators remote control to minimize security vulnerabilities and risks in accessing restricted areas.

Real-Time Tracking/Reporting

Door access control provides businesses with the ability to monitor and track all entryway activity, allowing for easy identification of individuals accessing specific areas and facilitating enhanced security measures and detailed logs in case of incidents like theft or break-ins.

Streamlined Entry/Exit

Entry and exit are secure yet simplified with door access control solutions, offering employees greater flexibility in their schedules, eliminating the need for additional staff, and optimizing operational efficiency by streamlining building traffic.

Enhanced Security

Door access control systems reduce the likelihood of unwanted visitors by enforcing credential requirements for every point of entry, ensuring that only authorized individuals access sensitive areas without the complexities of traditional security systems.


Access control solutions work in harmony with video surveillance, intrusion systems, and HR systems to save time and money while offering scalable adaptability as your business evolves.

Transform Your Entryway Security
with Door Access Control

Our commercial security pros have years of experience building and installing customized security solutions for businesses in a range of industries.

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