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Document Solutions

Providing a range of document solutions, from scanning solutions to PDF/A compliance, to offsite document storage and ultimately, secure document destruction.

Document Solutions

Transform How You Manage Your Information with Expert Document Solutions

At Higher Information Group, we partner with customers of all sizes to help transform the way they do business and give them the freedom and flexibility to focus on what they do best. Providing a range of document solutions, from CJIS-compliant digitization to secure document storage and ultimately destruction. A trusted document solutions resource provides peace of mind and sets our customers up for success.

Offices located in: Harrisburg, DanvilleElmira, and Wilkes-Barre

  • Secure Document Storage
  • Conversion Services (Scanning Solutions)
  • Secure Shredding/Document Destruction

Trusted and Reliable

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Focus on Your Business Objectives and Leave the Paperwork to Us!

Our conversion services professionals are CJIS-Compliant and experienced with the latest technologies and equipment. Start the conversation with one of our team members to find the right approach for your business needs!

Document Storage Services

Remain Compliant and Free Up Your Workspace

Everyone understands the benefits of embracing digitization and reducing dependency on paper. But, some businesses need to keep paper around – whether for compliance or other reasons. When you store all your documents securely in one place, you can streamline your processes and workflows, and reclaim your office space! Our document managers can easily access your documents (same day) when you need them, freeing up staff time spent searching through files. Our inhouse experts can also setup document retention and destruction schedules that adhere to compliance standards.

  • HIPAA Trained and Background Screened Staff
  • Secure Transport of Documents
  • Secure and Fire-Protected Facility
  • Bar Code System for Easy Access
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Digitize or Securely Destroy on Demand As Needed

Scanning Solutions

Convert Paper Documents to Searchable Digital Images

Whether you have large volumes of paper files, fragile historical documents, photos, wide-format documents, or microfilm, we can safely convert physical files to easy-to-search images. Our Document Scanning solution offers many benefits, including:

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Remain Compliant
  • Simplify Collaboration
  • Reduce Staff Time Spent Searching
  • Eliminate Physical Files
  • Cut Storage Costs
  • Ensure Business Continuity
  • Digitize Workflows
  • CJIS-Compliant

Shred Services

Shredding Has Never Been This Easy

Higher Information Group offers many options for our shredding services and a pickup schedule can be developed based off of each individual company’s needs. We will deliver, install and pick up serialized containers that are labeled for their purpose at your location and destroy them at our facility, or our Mobile Shred can be done at your location and, upon request, provide you with a certification of destruction.

36″ Cabinet
19″w x 19″d x 36″h
High-Tech Finish, Heavy Duty Bag and Lockable Door, Great for Bi-Weekly Pickup

64 Gallon
25″w x 29.5″d x 40.5″h
Office Mobility, Convenience and Ease of Use, Security Lock to Ensure Protection, Perfect for Bulk Destruction, Great for Monthly Pickup

95 Gallon
26.5″w x 33.75″d x 44″h
Capable of Holding High Volume, Bulk Destruction or Paper Collection, Security Lock for Privacy

Relieve Your Worries About Security & Compliance with Secure Onsite or Offsite Shredding

Any documents that contain sensitive information are at risk of being stolen by simply going through your company trash.  If you are not properly destroying sensitive documents once you no longer have a need for them, you could be putting your company at risk. One of the most efficient ways to securely destroy sensitive documents is by shredding them. Some of the other benefits of outsourcing destruction of your sensitive documents to HIG:

  • Ensure Data Security & Compliance
  • Convenient Onsite or Offsite Destruction Services
  • Certification of Destruction confirming your documents have been destroyed in compliance with industry standards.
  • HIPAA Trained and Background Screened Staff

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