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Future-Proof Your Business with Our Scanning Solutions

Many organizations still need to maintain records of all kinds. Organizing, managing, maintaining, and searching for physical documents can be tedious and time-consuming. If your business is still paper-based, you are very much aware of the impact managing physical files has on efficiency and the ability to work remotely.

Document scanning services leverage the latest technology to batch, image, index & store records of all sizes – delivering many benefits.

  • Reclaim Office Space
  • Increase Productivity
  • Boost Security
  • Minimize Operating Costs
  • Stay Compliant
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Simplify Audits
  • Ensure Disaster Recovery

Experts in Document Conversion

A customer-focused approach.

“No More Archaic and Risky Filing System!”

After decades of working with an archaic and risky filing system, the team at Oxford Township can now access their files and information within seconds.

PDF/A Compliance

Need Documents that are PDF/A Compliant?

Unlike your basic PDF, a Portable Document Format Archival or PDF/A, ensures the visual appearance of a document remains the same, regardless of what hard- or software is used. This preservation tool keeps documents safe, accessible and easy to search for as long as necessary. A great archival tool for industries like banking, healthcare, and government that are often required to archive documents for decades.

Scanning Solutions

Future-Proof Your Business for Peace of Mind

The team of document scanning experts at Higher Information Group can work with you to convert your physical documents to digital images, giving you secure, anytime access to your data. Whether you have large volumes of paper files, fragile historical documents, photos, wide format documents, or microfilm, we can safely usher your information through the digitization process and overall document lifecycle.

Converting physical documents to digital files offers instant search & collaboration, boosts efficiency, eliminates the unnecessary risk of human error and reduces labor & storage costs. Digitization also promotes future growth and innovation through easy integration with other systems, digitized workflows and ensuring the ability to scale.

Scanning & Conversion

Scanned documents won’t deteriorate over time and won’t eat up your precious workspace!

Backfile Conversion

High-speed scanning digitizes large volumes of documents into digital format for secure and accessible storage.

Historical Documents

Preserve legacy documents that may be fragile and irreplaceable. Specialized equipment scans these documents with great care.

Microfilm/Microfiche Conversion

Convert microfilm and microfiche into digital format for easily searchable, centralized access.

Wide Format & Maps

From banners, posters, architectural drawings, blueprints, or maps, we can safely scan and store oversized documents.

Digital Storage

No more wasting time searching for what you need. Users will be able to quickly access data and share with others.

Streamlining Law Enforcement Records: CJIS-Compliant Document Scanning

Paper records can be costly and burdensome for any organization, but law enforcement agencies must face the additional challenge of remaining CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) Security Policy compliant. CJI data must always remain secure, with access restricted solely to authorized personnel. At Higher Information Group, we recognize the critical nature of these requirements. That‘s why we exclusively deploy CJIS-compliant staff when handling or digitizing CJI documents.

Shredding Solutions

Secure Document Storage & Destruction

Once your physical files are scanned and converted to easy-to-search images, Higher Information Group offers document storage in our secure & fire-protected facility. We can also shred your documents and provide a Certificate of Destruction if they are no longer needed.

Our Conversion Process

Fortify your business continuity strategy with our trusted and secure document scanning/document conversion. You can sleep better knowing document conversion mitigates the risk of data loss due to physical damage or disasters like fire and flooding. This flexibility allows your employees to continue their work remotely during unexpected events without interrupting your access to your converted documents.

Step One: Customer Questionnaire

We take time to understand your documents and objectives. Want to see our work before deciding? Ask for a complimentary test & return! Have a strict budget? We’ll develop a proposal based on your “do not exceed” amount.

Step Two: Customer Signs-Off on Sample File

We want to ensure you’re happy with our work. Before proceeding, we’ll provide a complimentary sample/test file.

Step Three: Document Pack & Prep

We’ll coordinate with you to prepare documents for scanning. We create a scan/image barcode for each box. This ensures we know what’s in every box. If you need a document during the scanning process, we can get it to you within a day through our “image on demand” service.

Step Four: Document Pickup/Delivery to Scanning Facility

Our experienced drivers pick up your documents and ensure their safe delivery to our scanning facility, where they are inspected and prepped.

Step Five: High-Volume Scanning

Based on the specifications provided in the customer questionnaire, documents are scanned using our state-of-the-art equipment. We prep, scan, and index so you can easily find the file you need.

Step Six: Your Digitized Files

Your documents can be exported as image files in your choice of formats – PDF/A, PDF, TIFF, etc. HIG will provide your scanned documents on a thumb drive.

Step Seven: Documents Returned, Securely Stored or Destroyed

Once you determine that your digital images meet requirements, we can store your physical files in our secure records storage facility, return them to you or destroy them with your signed permission and provide a Certificate of Destruction.

Let’s Discuss Your Scanning/Document Conversion Project!

Ready to ditch paper and spend more time on what matters most for your business? Our imaging experts are ready to help you stay compliant and free up office space by converting all documents into easy-to-access digital files.

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