Protect Your Business and Your People

Security Cameras

Gain control over your business security, no matter where you are, thanks to remote management and monitoring features that keep you informed around the clock.

Video Surveillance for Business

Leverage Security Technology to Empower Operations

In today’s business environment, the security of your physical premises is as crucial as safeguarding your online assets. Video surveillance has become more accessible than ever, offering comprehensive protection for every facet of your organization —your employees, customers, inventory, and peace of mind.

At Higher Information Group (HIG), we understand that your business and security needs are unique. Our video surveillance experts will evaluate your property and help identify the security cameras that best meet the needs of your business and your budget.

Surveillance Cameras & Systems

Ensure your facility is monitored & protected with commercial-grade security solutions.

  • Affordable Business Grade Security Cameras
  • On-premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Video Surveillance Systems
  • Facial Detection, Human Detection, Animal Detection, Vehicle Detection, License Place Detection, Motorcycle Detection
  • Storage Options – 30 days Minimum
  • Activity Tracking of Live and Recorded Footage from Anywhere
  • Video Analytics & Reporting
  • Integration with Security Systems, Access Control, & More
  • Inhouse Maintenance Team (no subcontractors)

Maintenance Options

Our professionals can partner with you on property assessment, security camera installation, and ongoing maintenance. We do not outsource our customer service! Our maintenance options include onsite inspection of equipment, cabling checks, and firmware updates.

Client Spotlight: Greystone Public House

A Safe and Comfortable Environment for Employees and Guests

Collaborating with Higher Information Group, Greystone Public House seamlessly integrated advanced video surveillance technology. Strategically positioned cameras at entry points, parking lots, and employee areas provide an extensive security net. Accessible remotely from both computers and smartphones, the system not only enhanced safety but proved instrumental in aiding law enforcement.

Stay Vigilant

Benefits of Commercial Security Cameras

Experience a new level of security and peace of mind with the many benefits of commercial security cameras. Proven a powerful deterrent, these cameras are proactive in preventing crimes against property and enhancing the safety of your visitors, customers, and employees, fostering a secure environment and instilling confidence. The documented footage accelerates investigations and resolutions in the unfortunate event of a crime, plus you can stay connected to your property round-the-clock with real-time notifications.

Proactive Crime Prevention

The presence of video surveillance is proven to reduce loss due to crimes against property, including theft, vandalism, and arson.

Protect Customers & Employees

Surveillance cameras improve safety for your visitors, customers, and employees, providing them with a sense of security.


Documentation can expedite the investigation and resolution if a crime occurs in or around your business or property.

Boost Awareness

Security cameras provide insight into what is happening on your property 24/7. Get real-time notifications wherever you are.

Peace of Mind

Knowing you can monitor events and reduce the chance of crime on your property helps put your mind at ease and allows you to enjoy time away.


Surveillance camera systems are affordable and scalable. Whether growing or downsizing, you can easily add or remove cameras.

Let’s Talk About Your Business Security Camera Needs!

Our video surveillance specialists will assess your property and help identify the security cameras that best align with your business requirements.

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