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3 Steps Toward Becoming More Proactive with IT Management

By Higher Information Group on April 15, 2019 | Technology Solutions

Smart phones, laptops, desktops, voicemails - dynamic technology has made us more connected and accessible than ever before. This accessibility is great for businesses and means that teams need to make sure the infrastructure is supported and secure, runs smoothly and has experts to handle any emergency situations. Keeping your systems running is essential; an interruption could cause you to lose customers so being proactive with IT management is key. This doesn’t mean dramatic measures are necessary to make strides in the right direction. Below are three proactive steps to take towards your IT management.

1. Assess Your Needs

What are some of your IT security must-haves? Are you looking for 24/7 support or do you need a bit of a boost with your email systems? Having a clear idea of what you needs are will make it easier to implement a proper solution!

After you have determined what the needs are, establish a timeline and order of tasks, while separating needs that are the lowest hanging fruit from what needs further development.

2. Reduce System Vulnerabilities

This is one of the most common ways outsiders find their way into places they shouldn’t be. Reducing vulnerabilities – unsecure websites, emails, and outdated operating systems to name a few – and ensuring the front lines are properly equipped to handle threats is a great way to support infrastructure.

Your provider should have the sophistication needed to keep your team secure and self-sufficient with the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. Look for messaging tools that provide effective and efficient access to emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks on a virtual private server. If your team needs to secure your physical space as well, check for extra features like video surveillance cameras to ensure a safe premise while increasing your team’s bottom line productivity.

3. Remove the Bottlenecks

Proactive IT management is more than performing an assessment and removing baseline vulnerabilities. It’s about having a dedicated team who can support you and your clients. The HIG approach to IT business solutions is simple – plan, protect, and prevent. Our information technology experts work with you to carefully plan an environment customized to the needs of your business. Whether with helpdesk support or an optimized storage infrastructure, our technology toolbox is ready to accommodate your expanding business needs and goals.

Ready to take your IT management to a new level? Connect with a HIG IT expert today to learn more.

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