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Benefits of Network Cabling for New Commercial Construction or Existing Workspace

By Higher Information Group on February 16, 2023 | Technology Solutions

Cabling infrastructure might not be a sexy topic, but it’s an important one. Network cables connect and transfer data and other information between computers, routers, and storage systems.

Whether you need to install network cabling for new commercial construction or re-cable an existing workplace, the infrastructure should match your company’s needs. For example, you might have a conference room that requires predictable fast Internet speed or a medical office that needs reliable automatic doorways.

While network cabling requires an initial investment, there are numerous benefits:

  1. Scalability: Network cabling keeps cables and wires packaged neatly together, making it easy to add equipment, such as computers, without changing the structure or redoing the work.
  2. Less downtime: Because there are fewer connectivity issues, there is less downtime. Less downtime means more work can be done. YAY for increased productivity!
  3. Fix problems quickly: Network cabling allows you to solve issues that arise quicker because you’re able to locate the problem faster and easier.
  4. Cleaner looking: Because network cabling is packaged and organized, the space isn’t cluttered with cables. Everyone appreciates a clean space to work in.
  5. Safer: Having an organized cabling system enhances the safety of your workplace. No more loose cables and wires that can tangle up and cause problems that cost time and money to repair.
  6. Adaptability: Technology is moving at a fast pace. Proper network cabling and ensure you’re prepared to adapt to new applications and equipment.

Do you have a new building or addition that requires network cabling? Our networking specialists will design, develop, and install a customized cabling solution based on your needs. Contact our network installers today to get the conversation started!

Our cabling services include:

  • Cat5 & Cat6 Cabling, Test, Tone & Labeling
  • Fiber Cabling & Trenching

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