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How Managed Services Can Eliminate “IT Pain”

By Higher Information Group on March 13, 2020 | Technology Solutions

You may already be familiar with the practical reasons many businesses decide to outsource their IT function. Outsourcing makes better financial sense in a lot of cases. Managed IT Services also help to improve efficiency, increase security, provide access to expertise you may not currently have available and allow your staff to focus on more strategic work.

But what business leaders often learn after they’ve checked off those practical benefits and moved forward is that the benefits of a managed IT services model delivering the most value are the emotional benefits. Benefits like freedom, security, confidence, strength & control result from unloading the heavy burden of the technology challenges. That’s what we call IT pain.

IT Pain – Noun: IT Pain; Plural Noun: IT Pains

The mental or physical suffering, frustration, low morale, lack of productivity, budget problems, downtime, etc. that result from worrying about an organization’s technology and the lack of knowledge or ability to control what the next problem associated with IT will be.

Unloading the Burden of Technology Challenges Delivers Emotional Benefits

Safety & Security – When you let the experts manage the details, you eliminate internal frustration and uncertainty.  When you put the responsibility of addressing day-to-day IT challenges and implementing a more proactive IT approach in the hands of trusted professionals, you reduce the number of unexpected problems, as well as the expense, frustration and downtime associated with them. You’ll also enjoy the security of knowing you have a team in place that will be consistently focused on safeguarding data & optimizing systems and processes for better performance and eliminating problems BEFORE they occur.

Confidence – A managed IT services model eliminates the need to search for and hire the right team members, as well as the costs associated with hiring internal IT staff. A trusted provider with a successful track record has a deep bench of IT pros that are experts in their areas of specialization, making the expertise you need at any given time both accessible and affordable. This also eradicates the worry of “losing knowledge” about internal systems and processes every time a staff member walks out the door.

Being in Control of Your Bottom Line – According to a Forrester Research survey of IT leaders, participants estimated that they spend 72% of the money in their budgets on operations and maintenance that “keep the lights on.” Not only does a managed IT services model present a fixed cost benefit, but a good provider will have a team of experts that can help initiate strategies, optimize processes and make decisions to help reduce “keep the lights on costs” through enhanced performance and functionality.

Freedom – Your internal team members have individual areas of expertise and important jobs to do. IT headaches, downtime and other technology hiccups can result in a lack of productivity, low morale and general frustration. Every minute your team spends on IT issues adds up to hours, days & weeks of time not spent on running your business and meeting objectives. A managed IT services approach can free up your staff members to do what they do best. When you eliminate the IT pain, you create a more productive workplace, resulting in happier and more effective employees.

Strength – Technology is ever-changing. When you can rely on an IT solutions provider that is deeply entrenched in understanding and knowing how to leverage technology, you can rest assured that your business will be progressive and poised for tomorrow’s needs.

There are a litany of practical benefits that come with decision to shift toward a managed IT services approach, but the real value is in the elimination of the IT pain for you and your team!

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