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The Office For Dispute Resolutions

While we were initially hired to grow awareness of their free programs and resources and decrease the number of due process cases that end up in litigation, we discovered in the process of creating campaigns that ODR had no real brand identity beyond a logo and a website. We knew we could not change the logo and we needed to develop designs that complemented the existing website, so we set out to create an organizational identity incorporating the logo and colors. We developed a stylistic approach that we would be able to use consistently in awareness campaigns, on social media, in flyers, annual reports and more.

Since we began working with ODR in the past year, we’ve developed social media post images, brochures, event/seminar flyers, an annual report (130 pages), and their Parent Resource Guide (126 pages).

As you can see in the examples provided, all work going forward was consistent, applying the same color palette, typography, general visual vibe & use of photos – working in harmony with the website.

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