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Greystone Public House: Technology Success Story

By Higher Information Group on January 27, 2022 | Success Stories

Greystone Public House Uses Video Surveillance to Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Employees and Guests.

The Challenge

There are many factors that can expose bar and restaurant properties to security risks. Those factors include later hours of operation, a party-like atmosphere, lower-lighting conditions, the prevalence of cash transactions, etc. Under these circumstances, it is imperative that owners stay on top of assessing security vulnerabilities and wherever possible prevent issues, always keeping the safety of the employees and guests a priority.

The team at Greystone Public House wanted to take a proactive approach, so in conjunction with opening their business, they knew they wanted to establish video surveillance at all points of entry, in the parking lot and in the designated employee areas.


Provide a safe environment for restaurant/bar employees and their guests and protect the establishment and its assets.


Greystone Public House partnered with Higher Information Group to integrate video surveillance technology to reduce security concerns.

Cameras were placed at all points of entry, in the parking lots and in the employee areas. Surveillance data from all cameras is recorded and stored. Management can access data from their computers as well as their smartphones.


“The system has been a great tool for Greystone Public House,” according to Jason Viscount. It provides a real sense of security for our patrons and our team members. It has also been useful for the police when a car was hit in our parking lot. We were able to quickly provide the police with footage capturing the incident.” Viscount also noted that if there are ever issues, HIG’s technical support team is often able to resolve the issue remotely. When remote resolution isn’t feasible, the team has someone onsite and the problem is fixed quickly and efficiently.

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