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What is PaperCut and How Does it Work?

By Higher Information Group on May 18, 2021 | Office Solutions

​Do you need help managing your company’s printing needs? Need software that will minimize waste while providing you with a secure and easy printing experience? Then PaperCut software is the place to start to manage your printing like a pro.

What is PaperCut?

The simple answer is that PaperCut is a software application designed and dedicated to helping organizations manage your printing. Essentially, it was created to help you do exactly what you might think – cut paper. And no, we don’t mean literally cutting paper, but cutting back on the amount of paper that we as companies and businesses use daily.

PaperCut helps not only the environment but also your budget. But how exactly does it work?

How PaperCut Works

Basically, and in short terms, PaperCut works by managing your print jobs as they pass through your system into the print queue. PaperCut watches these queues, and from them, it pulls information. This information can include page counts, which PaperCut then uses to minimize waste, save paper, toner, and ink, improve document security, save time, and encourage users to improve printing behavior.

Even better, PaperCut supports many different kinds of printers and devices. For instance, it will work with your small desktop printer and up to the largest MFDs, or multi-function devices that have advanced touchscreens.

Understanding what it is and how it works is essential, but what about the benefits it can bring to your company?

The Benefits of PaperCut

When we talked about how PaperCut works, we mentioned many of the benefits, including minimizing waste, saving paper, toner, and ink, improving document security, and saving time. Let’s dive into these a bit deeper.

1. Minimizing Waste and Saving Paper, Toner, and Ink

PaperCut can help your company minimize waste today by allowing them the opportunity to select duplex or deleting unwanted print jobs. As well, PaperCut provides individual reports to the users about printing behavior. These reports can help the users make small changes in their behavior that significantly impact the environment by showing how many trees have been consumed or trends in printing habits.

Ultimately, this will also help your company cut back on printing costs, operate more efficiently and reduce your printing budget.

2.Improving Document Security

PaperCut can also help to secure your documents. For example, PaperCut allows you to secure your printing infrastructure, meaning who can print, what can be printed, and so on can be in your control.

PaperCut allows you to have secure print release, manage device errors, and set up 2-factor authentication. End users can also use their ID badges for a tap to print function at any printer. All of this can help to make sure your printed documents are getting in the right hands.

Lastly, PaperCut also helps to secure your documents during the output process. This includes audit trails and reports, watermarking and digital signatures, and print archiving.

Overall, PaperCut can help to make all of the phases of printing secure for your company.

3.Saving Time

Finally, PaperCut can help your company save time by letting you quickly set up printing so that your employees have no printing problems when they move between locations. PaperCut has a feature called “Find-Me Printing” that allows users to walk up to any printer in the office to release their print job. Additionally, your employees can also use their BYOD device for quick prints from their mobile devices, once more saving them valuable time.

Manage Your Printing with PaperCut

Now that you know what PaperCut is, how it works and a few of the benefits, what are you waiting for? Contact Higher Information Group to speak with a representative about how PaperCut can work for your company today!

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