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What You Need to Know About NDAA-Compliant Security Cameras

By Higher Information Group on June 6, 2024 | Technology Solutions

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is an annual piece of legislation passed by Congress that plays a pivotal role in shaping national defense policy. Section 889 of the NDAA has attracted considerable attention within the security technology sector. This section directly addresses concerns with business security systems, telecommunications, and video surveillance equipment and services. Ensuring compliance with Section 889 is imperative for federal contract eligibility and organizations receiving U.S. government funding. This guide explores NDAA Section 889 in-depth and offers strategies to ensure you operate your business with NDAA-compliant security systems.

Regulations on Chinese Technology in Federal Contracts and Grants:

  • Section 889 of the NDAA prohibits U.S. government agencies and their contractors from using telecommunications and video surveillance equipment or services from certain Chinese companies.
  • This means that security companies selling or installing security cameras must ensure their products do not incorporate components from these banned entities.
  • Section 889 also bans federal aid recipients from using grant money to purchase telecommunication and security technology from these prohibited companies.

Prohibited Companies and Their Offerings Under NDAA Section 889:

These companies and their subsidiaries supply telecommunications equipment, radio communication devices, and video surveillance equipment, among the items banned under Section 889 of the NDAA.

  • Huawei Technologies Company and ZTE Corporation: Both are telecommunications equipment manufacturers, providing a wide range of products, including smartphones, networking equipment, and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Hytera Communications Corporation: Hytera specializes in the production of radio transceivers and radio systems used for professional mobile radio communications.
  • Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company: Hikvision is a prominent provider of video surveillance products and solutions, including security cameras, video recorders, and video management software.
  • Dahua Technology Company: Dahua, like Hikvision, is a major manufacturer of video surveillance equipment, offering security cameras, video recorders, and related solutions for surveillance systems.

Key Strategies for Businesses:

Navigating compliance with Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) demands a strategic approach for companies. Organizations need to do the following to ensure they adhere to the regulations:

  • Understanding Requirements: Familiarize themselves with the specific provisions of the NDAA, particularly Section 889, and how they apply to their industry and operations.
  • Assessment: Regularly assess their inventory and supply chain to ensure that they use NDAA-compliant security cameras and not prohibited equipment or services from restricted entities.
  • Replacement and Removal: If non-compliant equipment or services are identified, take prompt action to remove them and replace them with NDAA-compliant security systems.
  • Documentation: Maintain thorough documentation of compliance efforts, including audits, assessments, and any corrective actions taken.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Continuously monitor changes in NDAA requirements and adjust compliance efforts accordingly to ensure continued adherence.

Higher Information Group (HIG) is well-equipped to assist businesses in achieving compliance with NDAA requirements, particularly Section 889.

Our experienced team can conduct audits to identify issues and replace technology with NDAA-compliant security systems. We also offer ongoing monitoring and updates to align your business with evolving regulations. By leveraging HIG’s specialized knowledge and resources, businesses can mitigate risks, secure government contracts, and demonstrate a robust commitment to national security and cybersecurity best practices.

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