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5 Benefits of Document Digitization

By Higher Information Group on June 9, 2021 | Document Solutions

Many businesses of all sizes need to store hundreds, if not thousands of records and data. It is no surprise that business operations relying heavily on paper were slowed to a crawl - even halted altogether during the pandemic. Maintaining paper files can be a real obstacle for those who must update, search for, and work with physical documents day-to-day. If your business is still paper-based, you are very much aware of the impact managing physical files has on efficiency and the ability to work remotely.

Today, businesses do not have to rely on paper if it no longer suits them. In a study by Deloitte, 94% of respondents agreed that digital transformation is a top strategic priority for their organizations. Instead of storing thousands of records on shelves, in filing cabinets, and boxes, it is easier and more efficient for companies to scan all paper records and convert them into a digital format. This is known as document digitization and is an ideal option for those managing large loads of paper records.

Why Consider Document Digitization?

Managing loads of paper records can be time-consuming, strenuous, and less efficient for your team members. But, managing records themselves doesn’t have to be. Digitization can help you go paperless and bring efficiency back to your workflow. Here are 5 reasons you should consider going digital today.

1.Reduce the Need for Physical Storage Space

Scanning documents and converting to digital images reduces the need for physical storage space. No more record-filled shelves, overflowing filing cabinets, or heavy boxes that take up precious office space are a hassle to scavenge through for one record. Instead, all your documents, files, and records can be stored in one easy-to-use system.

2. Increase Employee Efficiency

Going digital with your records boosts employee efficiency. Instead of spending time digging through paper documents, searchable digital image files can be retrieved in mere moments. Digital files stored in a cloud environment also make collaboration, remote work and back-up a possibility.

3. Boost Security

If you are dealing with paper records, then you understand the importance of keeping these files securely protected, especially if they contain sensitive client information. Password-protected digital files reduce the chance of records being accidentally released, hacked, or stolen. Unlike paper files, digital files that are backed-up are also not vulnerable to natural disasters.

4. Decrease Environmental Footprint

Probably one of the most obvious reasons to go digital with your documents is to decrease your environmental footprint. Paper has a significant impact on the environment – not only through the process of collection but through the manufacturing process. Managing documents digitally reduces paper waste and is environmentally friendly.

5. Minimize Operating Costs

Lastly, going paperless through digitization can help your company minimize operating costs. Paperless documentation can speed up the time spent on tasks, optimize processes, and decrease material costs. Now, your employees will be able to find their documents, complete their tasks, and move on to the next big project!

Go Paperless with Document Digitization

From reducing physical storage to decreasing your environmental impact, document digitization is a great way to boost efficiency, stay in compliance and protect your data and resources. Contact Higher Information Group today to speak with an expert about how converting paper files to digital images can help your business.


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