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Don’t Miss Out on American Rescue Plan Funding

By Higher Information Group on June 4, 2021 | News + Events

The American Rescue Plan will provide Pennsylvania state and local governments alone a $13,722,000,000 opportunity to replace lost revenue and make strategic investments in technology and solutions. ARP Funds will also support schools reopening safely and offer grants for some small businesses.

Not sure how to get started? We’ve put together some steps to help eligible entities request and leverage funding.

  1. Educate Yourself. Since the ARP provides direct funding, the allocation of funds will likely vary by community. Make sure you understand how funds will be allocated in your locality so you can put a strategy together to pursue a percentage of the funding. If your jurisdiction is an eligible state, territory, metropolitan city, county, or Tribal government, it can receive funding directly from the S. Department of Treasury submission portal.
  2. Strategize. Funds are intended to meet pandemic response needs and rebuild a more robust and more equitable economy. Understand your options for eligible uses of funds, get necessary pricing estimates, establish timelines and a plan for receiving and tracking the funds.
  3. Justify Your Request. Because funding guidelines are so flexible, be specific about how your requests will help businesses, workers and ultimately influence long-term productive potential. Be sure to include the connection between your request and the pandemic and the potential for negative impact if your project does not get funded.

Have questions? Give the experts at HIG a call. We have helped customers prepare plans to leverage recovery funds that will benefit their communities and the people they serve.

How we can help:

  • Develop websites that offer workforce development opportunities or communicate critical information about services, support, health & safety efforts, etc.
  • Enhance security through automated temperature screening equipment, security cameras for monitoring & access control
  • Cloud collaboration to ensure communication and productivity are seamless for a remote work environment
  • Effective planning for data security and backup/disaster recovery
  • Support learning and invest in future prosperity through upgraded technology and infrastructure
  • Reduce the negative impact of future crises by ensuring critical files or records are converted to easily searchable digital images and accessible from anywhere
  • Enhanced communication through Voice Over IP – a cloud-based alternative to traditional phone systems

As you assess your projects and priorities, reach out to the experts at Higher Information Group as a resource for developing strategies that will allow you to leverage the American Rescue Plan funding.

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