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Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape: Are You Prepared?

By Higher Information Group on October 24, 2019 | Marketing Solutions

Innovations in technology are changing how we live every day, so the impact technology has on how businesses operate, as well as how they approach marketing is not surprising. With new advancements occurring daily, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital marketing now go hand in hand. AI provides the ability to collect and analyze data, apply it strategically, and even learn from it. As AI continues to advance, it is transforming digital strategy. Is your company positioned to use AI to improve valuable customer insights and make the most of your digital marketing strategies?  Here are THREE great reasons you need to consider utilizing AI to improve your digital marketing results. 

Better User Experience

Your customer’s experience is the most important aspect of any successful digital marketing strategy. When your target audience connects with your content, they are more likely to convert — becoming recurring customers with loyalty to your brand. By collecting metrics on past behavior, location and historical data, AI helps you determine what content is most applicable to your current and potential customers. Leveraging this data can help you craft marketing campaigns that speak directly to your audience – making them feel as though your brand was created especially for them. 

Some great examples of embracing AI as a game-changer for customer experience are online retailers using apps with augmented reality to “try” a product before they buy it. Customers who are able to see furnishings as they would look in their own home, or try on clothing without stepping into a changing room will be happier with their purchase, request fewer returns, and be more engaged with the brand. 

Predictive Customer Behavior

Artificial intelligence doesn’t just personalize your customer’s or potential customer’s behavior based on past behavior, it now can predict future behavior with great success. Data management platforms (DMP) collect information about your customers via sessions on your site, and by collecting second and third-party data gleaned from across the Internet. This information can be used to develop content that is specific to your customer’s needs, make it easier to identify potential leads, eliminate leads that are unlikely to convert, and focus on creating and executing better marketing strategies overall.

Real-Time Communication

If there is one thing customers want in their search for a positive digital experience, it’s a quick response and resolution of issues. AI can deliver those wishes through chatbots. Chatbots can fulfill and track orders, answer basic questions, and solve simple issues. By delivering that experience in real-time using “human-like” terminology, it can feel like speaking with an actual customer service representative”. Chatbots can be a boon for businesses because they reduce the overall wait time of your users, and they are available 24/7, which increases customer satisfaction. 

Are You Prepared to Integrate AI in Your Marketing Strategy?

Artificial intelligence in every form, from personal communication to business operation, continues to develop and improve and won’t slow down any time soon. By implementing AI successfully into your digital marketing strategy you’ll get critical insights into your business and ensure you are consistently delivering an excellent customer experience.

For more information about how AI is transforming the digital marketing landscape, and how it can help you drive better results, give the HIG team a call today!


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