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BullPhish ID

By Michael Scheidler on October 26, 2023 | Tech Corner

BullPhish ID is Higher Information Group’s go-to platform for comprehensive security preparation and employee training of IT clients. It can help transform staff into a line of defense against cyber threats, ensuring the weakest links in an organization become the strongest assets. By educating employees about potential cyber dangers and offering integration with Dark Web ID for in-depth credential monitoring, BullPhish ID is the all-in-one solution for bolstering security.

Users can select from a variety of training resources, including kits and videos, and easily customize phishing simulations to fit their needs. Scheduling these tests at different times prevents employees from warning each other about phishing emails, providing a more accurate measurement of their awareness. The platform simplifies the process with engaging training videos and quizzes and delivers clear, insightful reports to track employees’ progress. Plus, team members can monitor the courses they’ve completed through an intuitive user portal.

“We like Bullphish ID because it offers a variety of phishing test campaign topics, which allows us to target specific departments of a business.

Because Bullphish ID can directly inject our phishing campaign test emails into our target user’s mailboxes, we are ensured 100% delivery of every test. Other solutions often get caught before reaching user’s inboxes.”


Michael Scheidler
Centralized Services Manager

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