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Installing Surveillance Cameras for Your Business? Make Sure They’re Properly Positioned

By Higher Information Group on February 14, 2020 | Technology Solutions

Businesses of all types can benefit from installing surveillance cameras. The mere presence of cameras can help deter crime, providing a safer environment for your customers and employees. Also, the footage captured by the camera’s ever-present watchful eye can assist in the investigation of any crimes or wrongdoings. And there’s an added bonus— potential savings on your insurance. Insurance companies know that every crime prevented saves potential claims payout.

The focus—yep, we went there—of this post is how to make sure the cameras are properly positioned. However, we can’t talk about the positioning of cameras without first taking a look at what types of crimes those cameras are intended to thwart.

First, let’s review the types of threats coming from those who are outside of your company’s employ. These ne’r do wells could damage property like cars in your parking lot and the building itself. If they make their way into the building and work fast, they could steal laptops or other valuable items. Of course, in a retail environment, thieves could steal money from registers and goods from shelves.

Now, what about your employees? Why might you want to see what they’re up to when you’re not looking? Theft is still a potential issue, for sure. So is a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim. One that might not come readily to mind is productivity. Although you want to think all your employees are giving 100%, not all do, especially if they think no one is watching. Merely goofing off is one thing. A surveillance camera could also capture more serious situations such as arguing, bullying, and sexual harassment. Without the silent witness a camera provides, these disputes could go unresolved.

Once you have clearly identified your risks and vulnerabilities, you’re ready to think about how many cameras you need and where those cameras should be pointing in order to be effective. You want to be sure your investment is going to provide the video you need, should you ever need it.

For almost all buildings, you’ll want to have cameras that capture activity at the entrance and all exits. Parking lots should also be monitored to deter vandalism, as well as personal crimes. In office settings, coverage of the reception area is important. Remember our sneaky thief from early who darted in to swipe a laptop?

If appropriate for your situation, you might want to have cameras strategically placed where employees work and gather. You want to prevent crimes like theft of goods, while also capturing interactions between employees.

These last two tips are more general but important. The first is that cameras don’t belong in places where a customer or employee might expect privacy, such as bathrooms or changing rooms. The second tip is technical. Because monitoring systems are digital, it’s crucial that your cameras have access to a strong Wi-Fi signal. If a critical area to cover doesn’t already have that in place, you’ll have to address that need.

See what two of our internal security camera experts have to say about the proper positioning of your security cameras in this video:

This post covered only the basics of how to place cameras based on your unique requirements. With a better understanding of what a security system needs to do for you, you’ll be equipped to move forward. A good next step is to talk with potential security system solution providers, like HIG.

HIG has the experience to ensure that your system is professionally installed and maintained. We can also set up a real-time monitoring portal. With anywhere, anytime access to see what’s happening when you’re not on the premises, you’ll also get something else that’s very important—peace of mind.

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