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Managing Large Format Documents

By Higher Information Group on February 10, 2020 | Document Solutions

Architectural drawings, blueprints, and municipal maps are just a few examples of large-format documents. If you deal with paper large format documents, you are well aware of the challenges storing them present. As with any type of paper document, storage can result in wrinkling, tearing, and fading ink. To help minimize these effects, specialized storage cabinets are needed, and they can occupy a good bit of valuable office real estate.

Even if storage isn’t an issue, there are plenty of other reasons why you should move to a digital solution.

Preservation – Capturing large format documents digitally means they will no longer be subject to the wear and tear that occurs from handling. They will also be saved from the reality of the paper’s degradation over time. The slow process of deterioration is especially true with specialty papers such as vellum and parchment, not to mention any type of photographic paper.

Accessibility – Once your documents are scanned and stored, you’ll enjoy the benefits of improved accessibility. Digital documents are easily transferred and shared between devices such as laptops, tablets, and phones. Digital assets are also easily searchable. Imagine the ease of typing “Green Acres Community” into a search bar and having the document pop up instead of looking in perhaps multiple file cabinets before finding the plot plans you’re looking for. (If you are seriously considering moving to digital storage, it’s worth investing time in creating a tagging system so your documents will be even easier to locate.)

Integrity of Copies – The last benefit comes into play should you need to print copies. If you needed to have multiple copies made of an original drawing and you had only a physical copy, the integrity of the document would be at risk multiple times, starting from when you retrieve it from its storage area. After that, it has to survive the handling needed to print it, and finally, the return journey to the storage area. Printing multiple copies of a digital document is a breeze—find the electronic version of the document and send it to print.

Ready to clear out some space and go digital with your large format documents? It’s a significant undertaking, made manageable by partnering with a company experienced in handling oversized documents.

HIG can work with you to scan and print, when needed. We can also handle off-site storage of the original documents. Contact our team today to see how we can help you!

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