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Printers & Managed Print Solutions for Educational Institutions

By Higher Information Group | Education

Revolutionize your school's printing solutions with Higher Information Group's cutting-edge business equipment. From multifunction printers and copiers to large-format production printers and mail equipment, we cater to the diverse needs of educational institutions, ensuring budget-friendly options without compromising quality. Partnering with leading brands such as Canon, HP, Lexmark, and Toshiba, we align the perfect solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Hassle-Free Print Management for Schools & Universities

Managing a printer fleet can be challenging, especially for schools on a tight budget. The surge in technological demands for student learning and staff has strained IT teams. Our print assessment services reveal that schools can significantly reduce printer numbers, minimizing hassle and streamlining operations.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services encompasses various meanings depending on the perspective. While some print providers view it as leasing or purchasing equipment with a service agreement, the process involves more than obtaining and maintaining the right equipment. A true print management provider will also offer solutions to address:

  • Device Management
  • Security Protocols
  • Print Optimization
  • Print Output Management
  • Mobile Printing
  • Printer Usage Monitoring & User Trends
  • Waste Reduction
  • Flexible Leasing
  • And more

Leave the service and management of your print environment to the professionals at Higher Information Group and let your teams get back to doing what they do best.

Benefits of Managed Print Services for Educational Institutions

In addition to increasing your team’s productivity, Managed Print Services can keep your school’s printing under control and save you money, along with delivering other advantages:

Eliminate Inefficient/Unnecessary Printers

Following a print assessment, you’ll be able to determine what local printers are necessary for your institution. Local printers can be highly wasteful and drain printing budgets. Local printers are convenient, but that sometimes leads to unnecessary printing. Ink cartridges for local printers can be pricey and more difficult to order- mostly because multiple local printers usually mean multiple types of ink cartridges. Narrowing down the number and types of printers in your institution will lead to more accessible supplies and less wasteful printing. You’ll be able to determine the best location(s) for your monitored printer(s) based on your school’s size and needs.

Boost Productivity

Dealing with a fleet of printers can be time-consuming. Paper jams, technical issues, and broken parts in your printer can be solved easily with managed print services. This is a dream come true for your employees and IT support technicians. Time is money, and your staff’s time shouldn’t be wasted on solving printer problems. Managed print services mean you’ll have direct support for any printer issues. Your support team will know the products and will be able to resolve problems quickly. Learn more about boosting efficiency with Managed Print Services.

Enhance Security

Network printers can become easy entry points for hackers when improperly protected.  An important aspect of print management in education is ensuring student records and other confidential information remains secure. The right print security is critical to staying in compliance. HIG’s pros provide timely software updates, password protection, “follow-me” printing capabilities, and other security measures/user safeguards.

Cut Waste

Who doesn’t want to reduce their carbon footprint these days? Sustainability is an increased focus for all types of organizations. MPS can offer solutions that help schools reduce paper consumption, energy usage, and waste. How many times have you noticed prints left unclaimed at a printer or when prints are co-mingled with another person’s print job, causing someone to reprint? That is waste that can be avoided!

Printing limitations have also become popular in certain settings, like education. Having set print limits forces careful thought before printing, which means less print waste. If you don’t want to set strict limits but need to monitor who is printing and how much, that’s possible, too. You can track by employee, department, and more! This is helpful because once you know printing patterns, you can identify inefficiencies specific to your institution, optimize printer usage, and implement cost-saving measures.

Supplies Delivered on Schedule

Supply orders can be complex if you have a large institution, or you are ordering for several locations, and items can be easily overlooked or forgotten. Having printer ink and toner delivered to your school when needed is an amazing service! Your print solution could include a regularly scheduled delivery of ink and toner, or your printers may be equipped to signal that a delivery is needed when it’s running low. You’ll never be left without ink until someone can run to the office supply store.

Controlling Costs

There are several ways that Managed Print Services help control costs. From reducing the number of printers in use to lowering hardware and maintenance costs to identifying inefficiencies, optimizing usage, and leveraging insights to implement other cost-saving measures. Predictable fixed monthly payments also help even out cash flow and free up resources for other important initiatives.

Bids and RFP Opportunities – Add HIG to Your Institution’s Bid List

Are you considering an RFP for printers? Don’t rely on outdated knowledge. Connect with HIG’s Managed Print experts to understand the evolving landscape of print technology. Request a free assessment of your institution’s print environment today and receive recommendations based on best practices and cost-saving strategies.

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