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Win at Local Search with a Google Business Profile

By Higher Information Group on November 30, 2023 | Marketing Solutions

Did you ever notice when you’ve searched online for, say, a restaurant that you get a robust description with tons of information, including reviews and star ratings? Those beefy descriptions show up because the restaurant created a Google Business Profile (GBP).

We’re going to explore this powerful tool and show how you can use it to find new customers and grow your business. Keep in mind that a GBP shouldn’t be viewed as the sole solution to winning local SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Website optimization plays a critical role, too, but for this post, it’s all about the Google Profile.

Basics of Google Business Profile

Simply put, a Google Business Profile (GBP) is a description of your business that shows up when searchers look for it on Google – like Maps and Search.

When you know that more than 80% of consumers use Google for their searches, you can understand why GBPs are so effective. Of all the bandwagons promising great local SEO results, this is one you should definitely hop on.

Each Google Business Profile presents essentially the same information, starting with the basics of what your customers and potential customers want to know: a short description of your business, contact details, location, and hours. A GBP really shows off its value by also providing website links, reviews, questions and answers, photos, and posts. The sample image shows eye-catching layouts that showcase all the important details.

Setting up your Google Business Profile is free. You just need to sign in with your Google account or create one, if needed. Keeping in mind that the goal is to optimize your business for local search efforts, the more complete your profile, the more information there is to feed into the search engines. One key bit of info you need to get right is your business category. Choosing the most accurate business category ensures your company shows up in business search results.

While the Google Business Profile itself is formulaic, you can take advantage of all the features GBP offers to increase engagement and conversions. So, if you’re a restaurant, you could show off your menu and offer easy ways for hungry folks to order takeout or request delivery.

Managing a Google Business Profile

For your GBP to be as effective as possible, you can’t just set it and forget it. At a bare minimum, you need to regularly review the categories you’ve chosen. Refreshing photos and providing new content for Google Posts on a regular basis are two more tasks you need to keep on top of or risk losing relevancy.

Google Reviews require regular TLC to make sure they’re effective in supporting your business objectives. Consumers across all industries rely heavily on reviews & ratings to make their buying decisions.

To keep your reviews fresh, make it a regular practice to ask your customers to leave you a review. For improving your star rating, make sure you quickly respond to reviews – good and bad – to show you place a high value on customer service. Another tip is to take time to give a thoughtful response to negative reviews.

Ready to add a Google Business Profile to your marketing mix but just don’t have the time to devote to it? Reach out to the digital marketing experts at HIG. From the initial build-out to optimization and management, we’ll set you up to take full advantage of this critical search tool. Contact us online or call 800.564.7002.

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