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Oxford Township – Adams County: Document Success Story

By Higher Information Group on August 15, 2022 | Success Stories

Incorporated in 1847, Oxford Township is a full-time municipality in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Located in a rural farming community, they have established numerous developments throughout the township and helped to increase the population for a more stabilized economy.

The Challenges

Before working with Higher Information Group (HIG), Oxford Township spent a significant amount of time and energy searching through hardcopy files, folders, and construction/engineering drawings (24×36”) to obtain necessary information. In addition, the existing manual filing system made it challenging and cumbersome to do their job effectively.

Lack of digital files and proper organization also led to less productivity due to the time-consuming searches for tangible files. It also put them at risk of losing decades of information in the event of a fire, flood, or another unavoidable disaster.

The Solution

HIG reached out to Oxford Township regarding their filing system. After evaluating the existing files, the Scanning Solutions team proposed a scanning and conversion plan to scan them, convert them to digital files, and securely destroy the hard copies.

The Results

After decades of working with an archaic and risky filing system, the team at Oxford Township can now access their files and information within seconds. Before the document conversion project, each file was placed in its own individual folder. Today, files, documents, drawings, and images are all organized in a shared drive for the entire team to access anytime. When a permit is filed for a specific address, the new information can be stored with the original to keep everything in one place.

HIG also scanned and archived the documents as PDF A files that cannot be altered. This preserves the original information and protects Oxford Township from document manipulation. Oxford Township was pleased with the service from Higher Information Group and grateful that the team listened to their needs. HIG focused solely on the task at hand and produced an organized, high-quality product that increased the municipalities’ productivity.

For the next steps, Oxford Township plans to convert all hard copy files to a digital format, and they plan to share their success with other municipalities within Adams County.

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