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The Benefits of Cloud Collaboration

By Higher Information Group on March 25, 2021 | Technology Solutions

Cloud collaboration has been a hot topic for about a year, and it's going to continue to be a vital part of any company's daily workflow. Whether you were ready or not, cloud collaboration quickly became a necessity for employees in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With most people thrown into remote work, the benefits of cloud collaboration quickly became apparent to many businesses. The lack of face-to-face work and in-office collaboration made finding a streamlined way to communicate and be productive a top priority.

What is Cloud Collaboration?

In simple terms, cloud collaboration is the storage of documents and files in a central virtual location. Meaning, there is a single place “in the cloud” for employees to access all files, and all updates will be made in real-time.

Cloud Collaboration Benefits

Cloud collaboration tools have many benefits, including saving time, saving money, increased employee participation, organized systems, more accessible files, and new software opportunities. Let’s dig into five key benefits below!

1.Reduced Investment

Cloud collaboration alleviates the need to invest in all the in-house systems you may currently have. Having all accessible files in the cloud means you don’t need the desktop software for your employees – which can be more expensive than cloud-based programs. The most significant way you reduce your investment with cloud collaboration is that you only pay for services that you use. If you increase or decrease the number of employees who have access to your cloud systems, you can easily update your account. No more paying for unused services!

2.Increased Scalability

In the past, adding storage, new programs, or capabilities could result in a considerable expense for your business. Your cloud software can be tailored to your specific needs once you determine your needs and price point. Best of all, you can do this at any time and revisit your options as needed. Thankfully, you’ll avoid hassles of the past with updating your services. Your cloud-based platform will have support contacts and handle the licensing and configuration for you.

3.Improved Organization

Working from a singular cloud-based location does wonders for collaborative work. You can organize your storage in a way that works best for your organization. A managed and organized system will save everyone time and the frustration that comes with sifting through duplicate documents and unnecessary files. You’re able to protect confidential documents and allow only designated users to access specific files.

4.Easier Access and Updating

No more waiting your turn to access a document! With cloud collaboration tools, you can edit in real-time while others are working on the same document. This is a great way to ensure that team members aren’t doing duplicate work and everyone is making the most of their time. Emailing large files back and forth is no longer necessary, and your whole team can see and access the most current version of projects. Remote work gives everyone flexibility to work outside the typical workday, increasing the importance of up-to-date documents at all times.

5.Increased Employee Participation

Less face-to-face interaction can leave some employees feeling out of the loop. It’s essential to have an easy and user-friendly way to communicate and allow everyone to share their input on current projects. Communicating through your cloud-based projects is an excellent way to allow everyone to voice their thoughts and ideas. You will likely get more participation from those employees who aren’t the first to speak up in meetings!

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