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Four Ways Managed Print Services Can Save You Money

By Higher Information Group on March 23, 2021 | Office Solutions

Managed print services can keep your business’s printing under control and increase your employees’ productivity. Having MPS means that your print practices will be monitored and tailored according to your company’s needs. Best of all, here are four ways that print solutions can save you money.

Fewer local printers

Once your office printing set-up is assessed, you’ll be able to determine what local printers (if any) are necessary for your business. Local printers can be extremely wasteful and drain printing budgets. Local printers are convenient, but that sometimes leads to unnecessary printing. Ink cartridges for local printers can be pricey and more difficult to order- mostly because multiple local printers usually mean multiple types of ink cartridges. Narrowing down the number and types of printers in your office will lead to more accessible supplies and less wasteful printing. You’ll be able to determine the best location(s) for your monitored printer(s) based on your company’s size and needs.

No more time wasted on troubleshooting

Paper jams, technical issues, and broken parts in your printer can be solved easily with managed print services. This is a dream come true for your employees and IT support technicians. Time is money and your employees’ time shouldn’t be wasted on solving printer problems. Managed print services mean that you’ll have direct support for any printer issues that arise. Your printer support team will know the products and will be able to resolve problems quickly.

Supplies delivered on schedule

Supply orders can be difficult if you have a large office and items can be easily overlooked or forgotten. Having printer ink and toner delivered straight to your office when you need it is an amazing service! Your print solution could include a regularly scheduled delivery of ink and toner or your printer may be equipped to signal that a delivery is needed when it’s running low. You’ll never be left without ink until someone can make a run to the office supply store.

Cut waste with printing limitations

Printing limitations have become very popular in certain settings, like education. Having set print limits forces careful thought before printing which means less print waste. If you don’t want to set strict limits but need to monitor who is printing and how much, that’s possible too. You can track by employee, department, and more! This is helpful because once you know printing patterns, you can analyze whether your print practices are cost-effective and necessary.

How do I get started with Managed Print Services?

Higher Information Group has a team of Managed Print Services experts who would be happy to help you identify, control, and better manage your printing assets. We can help you pinpoint the best print solution for your business and strategize to maximize your budget. Give us a call and schedule a free consultation at 717.652.3310.

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