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What Kind of Security System Does My Business Need?

By Higher Information Group on March 4, 2022 | Technology Solutions

There are many benefits to a security system for your business. Creating a secure environment to protect your assets as well as your employees provides peace of mind and makes good business sense.

Advantages of Having a Security System for Your Business

Benefits of video surveillance include:

  • Increased Protection
  • Better Surveillance
  • Video Evidence of Natural Disasters
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Fire Monitoring

Video Surveillance System Features

To determine the right products and systems for your business, it helps to think about the functionality that will best serve your business’s real-world challenges. Here are a few state-of-the-art features you’ll want to consider.

Human Detection

With human detection, alarms can be triggered if people enter view or a pre-defined region. Alarms can also be tailored to trigger upon entrance or exit of a certain area. Make sure to ask about features that make a camera vandal and weather resistant. Another big consideration – make sure your system is smart enough to ignore false triggers and eliminate false alarms for things like animals, foliage, and precipitation.

Vehicle Detection

Need to monitor parking areas? Capture only the motion that matters with vandal and weather resistant cameras that specifically detect vehicles, motorcycles, and even bicycles. Alarms can be triggered if vehicles enter entire view or a pre-defined region as well upon entrance or exit of region. You may even want to take vehicle detection to the next level with the addition of a license plate recognition camera.

Facial Recognition

Need to be notified of trespassers or find a face in the crowd? With facial recognition, an alarm can be triggered if a face is detected in a designated area. This limits false alarms as it will only trigger an alarm on a face. Alarms can also be tailored to trigger on specific faces, or recognized vs. unrecognized faces. This feature can be extremely useful in daycare or school scenarios. Facial recognition captures, recognizes and stores faces, and you can search by face during playback.

Mask & Temperature Reading

Eliminate the doorman and make contactless entry easier once a screen detects a mask, a temperature and face detection. Implement multi-factor authentication and choose the alerts that best fit your business – monitor for mask detection, facial recognition and/or elevated temperature.

Access Control

The ultimate screening solution for your business may be implementing access control. Learn more about the benefits of access control systems in this post.

Once you’ve determined the type of detection is the best fit for your needs, you’ll also want to consider if your system is cloud-based, hard-wired or a hybrid security system. To learn more or to request a no-obligation commercial security system assessment, contact the experts on our Security Solutions team!

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