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By Michael Scheidler on June 23, 2023 | Tech Corner

Built exclusively for Managed Service Providers, Zorus provides next-generation enterprise-class web security for our IT Managed Services clients. Managed Services clients will get the DNS filtering component. Zorus Filtering delivers a next-generation web filtering layer designed to help overburdened UTM systems meet modern security requirements.

Traditional UTM systems only protect devices inside their networks. Zorus Filtering protection travels with the device protecting your staff everywhere they’re working. Safeguard your business with faster, more secure technology.

Zorus Features

  • Robust and purpose-built agent technology
  • Enhanced logging and reporting
  • Granular content filter
  • Access requests can be sent directly from the block page
  • Easy deployment
  • Optional user engagement tracking service

Engagement – the optional application to monitor remote employees’ web and desktop application usage allows respectful and non-intrusive visibility into your workforce engagement.

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