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Why We Only Build and Maintain WordPress Websites

By Higher Information Group on July 10, 2023 | Marketing Solutions

Potential website clients often ask us questions like, “Why can’t you manage or update my website just because it isn’t built in WordPress?” Or “Why should I switch to WordPress? My website looks fine!”

This blog post isn’t about hating on the many other website platforms or builders. Nope, we are not here for that. We simply want to share a few reasons why, at Higher Information Group, we design, build, and maintain WordPress websites exclusively.

1. WordPress Is What We Do Best

First and foremost, WordPress websites are where we shine! Our team has years of experience designing, developing, and maintaining custom WordPress websites and is familiar with WordPress plugins. Since 2013, our web team has developed hundreds of stunning custom websites for clients of all sizes throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and several national and international companies. Check out some of our web design work

2. WordPress is Legendary

WordPress is kind of a big deal statistically speaking. According to w3Techs, WordPress powers 65.1% of websites as a Content Management System (CMS). Originally released in 2003 as blogging software, WordPress is open-source software, meaning it is freely available for people to modify and share because it is publicly accessible.

3. It’s SEO-Friendly

Search engines love WordPress for real. SEO may not be a high priority for some, but it matters to most of our clients. A lot! If you want to grow your business, increase your brand’s online visibility, and drive more people to your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical. The WordPress platform comes with everything we need as a web design agency to create websites and content that rank higher in organic search because it’s built with SEO in mind. Let’s face it, you can have a gorgeous website, but if it isn’t getting traffic, how great can it be?

4. It’s User-Friendly

If you’ve ever needed to make a simple change or add to your website but can’t because it’s too complicated or the developers are holding you hostage and have things too locked down, we feel you. At HIG, many website clients prefer that we manage their sites and make changes and updates on their behalf. However, most of our clients want to update their websites easily if the situation calls for it, and with WordPress, they have the flexibility to do just that. Users can easily update content, add new blog posts, etc. Plus, if they choose, we’ll even train them to perform the functions that matter to them and provide step-by-step instructions via custom videos they can keep for handy reference.

5. It’s Customizable

Sure, WordPress has thousands of themes to choose from for DIYers. However, our web designers take great pride in developing custom sites built specifically to reflect our client’s brand, so we don’t opt to use themes. With WordPress, we have the flexibility to create custom designs without the limitations that come standard with many website builders.

6. There are Plug-Ins Galore

Need added functionality on your website but don’t know how to write code? No problem! WordPress offers thousands of free – and many premium – plug-ins. A plug-in is software (in this case, built specifically for WordPress) that expands your site’s capabilities for just about anything you can think of. Some popular plugins might include building forms or applications, collecting insights, creating email signups, developing online courses, translating your content into another language, and more. We will caution you against only installing plug-ins you truly need because, like any piece of software, they WILL require updates. Outdated plug-ins can be a vulnerability to your site, so keep the number manageable and stay on top of patches & updates! Need a website partner that will manage those kinds of details for you? We host and maintain WordPress websites we didn’t build and many we did, so no judgment! Reach out if you are looking for a responsive web team for regular hosting, maintenance, and updates on your existing WordPress site.

7. WordPress is Secure

WordPress is built with security in mind. At Higher Information Group, we host our site and our client’s WordPress websites with Flywheel’s managed WP hosting. Flywheel is built specifically for hosting and managing WordPress sites. This means our sites experience the highest quality of performance and security because every server is optimized for a single CMS. Beyond the servers, our sites get automated nightly backups and WordPress upgrades. Plus, the 24/7 support team of WordPress experts is always on standby when we need them!

So yeah, we love WordPress and don’t plan to move away from it anytime soon. If you’re determined to use another platform for your next website, we may not be the right fit for you – and that’s OK. If your current site is working for you and helping you meet your objectives, that is super!

If you’d like to partner with an award-winning web design agency that can crawl inside your head and help you bring your vision to life, reach out to our team!

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