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5 Benefits of Secure Document Destruction for Your Business

By Higher Information Group on October 26, 2020 | Document Solutions

Identity theft and business privacy breach are not limited to online risks. Any documents that contain sensitive information are at risk of being stolen by simply going through your company trash.  If you are not properly destroying sensitive documents once you no longer have a need for them, you could be putting your company at risk.

One of the most efficient ways to securely destroy sensitive documents is by shredding them.

If your company has documents that contain the following information, you should consider secure shredding to ensure data security and compliance.

  • Income/expense records
  • Tax information
  • Training information
  • Confidential employee or client information
  • Sensitive company innovative ideas
  • Name
  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Credit card number
  • Diagnosis/Treatment information

Check out these five key benefits of secure document destruction:

Ensure Data Security & Compliance

Secure document shredding protects against data theft and ensures your company’s legal compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Some companies shred their own documents. This often means small, strip-cut shredders that are not as secure as industrial shredding. By properly destroying sensitive information records, industrial shredding helps your company avoid possible legal action.

Boost Productivity

Hiring a company to provide document destruction can save time and money.  Businesses that shred their own documents use their employees, which keeps them from performing their regular job responsibilities. By outsourcing shredding services, you can be assured that your employees won’t have to worry about maintaining and operating shredders and have the time they need to focus on what they do best.


Most shredding service providers offer onsite or off-site destruction services, giving companies the option to choose which better suits their needs.  Higher Information Group offers the following shredding service options:

  • Secure mobile shredding trucks that come to your location to provide convenient shredding onsite while you watch.
  • Secure shredding bins or consoles provided to your business with a regularly scheduled pick-up for offsite destruction.
  • Large quantity services that provide the convenient option of converting your sensitive documents to digital files before being securely destroyed.
  • Other services include hard-drive destruction, multimedia destruction, and more.
Environmentally Responsible

Outsourcing your secure shredding improves the work environment by eliminating office clutter, allowing you to maintain professional and clutter-free office space.  It also keeps your company environmentally responsible by reducing your refuse volume, electricity usage, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Establishing a secure shredding program is also environmentally responsible because it provides an eco-friendly dual benefit of shredding and recycling.  Facts show that 200lbs of recycled paper saves almost two trees and results in energy savings and reduced air pollution!

Third-Party Confirmation & Peace of Mind

Retaining professional shredding services gives your company the peace of mind that all your sensitive documents have been securely destroyed.  Using shredding services, you can request a Certification of Destruction or an electronic video of your documents being destroyed and in compliance with industry standards.

Whether your business is large or small, protecting sensitive information is important for a company and individual security.  Contact the shred team at Higher Information Group today to help reduce office clutter and protect your data!

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