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7 Questions to Ask a Document Shredding Service Before Committing

By Higher Information Group on August 4, 2019 | Document Solutions

You’re ready to take the next step in protecting your most valuable information by utilizing a shredding service: great! Now… where to start? How can you be sure the shredding service you select is truly able to meet your needs? Consider the 7 questions below to ensure your documents are disposed of securely according to the needs of your business and the standards of your industry.

Are on- and offsite options available?

Every business is different: what works for your company might be different than that of a competitor. Be sure to ask whether you can have documents picked up and securely monitored for shredding, or, whether a mobile shredding truck can come to you. Flexibility and security are extremely important.

Can I observe the shredding process?

Depending on your specific needs (or desires), the ability to observe the shredding process in person might matter greatly. Ask your potential shredding service provider whether you will be able to view the process from start to finish, and find out what that might entail.

Can I shred more than paper?

Paper is not the only asset that you may need to dispose of properly. Ask your potential shredding provider if you will also be able to safely and securely dispose of: hard drives in office equipment, flash drives, mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, magnetic tapes, RAM or ROM-based storage and more. Don’t let your disposal procedures put your business at risk.

Can the process be documented?

Under certain regulations, the destruction of privileged, personal information must be documented and recorded under video surveillance. Ask your shredding provider whether this is possible, and how that information will be shared with you and/or stored before moving forward.

Can shredding pickups be scheduled on demand?

Your needs may vary depending on specific seasons and initiatives. Ask your potential provider whether there is flexibility in when pick-ups are scheduled, and, how easy it is to schedule a shredding pick-up. Can it be done online? What steps will you need to take to make it happen?

Is shredding in compliance with industry standards?

Not all shredding services are created equally. Ask your potential provider whether shredding can be completed in compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, FERPA, GLB, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or any other standard that you may be required to comply with.

Are references available?

As with any other business initiative or provider relationship, establishing trust takes time. The process can be helped along, however, if you’re able to talk with other customers prior to jumping in. Ask your potential shredding service provider if you could speak with a few references before moving forward. Doing your homework upfront could prevent trouble down the road.

Ready to establish a relationship with a trusted shredding service provider? Now’s a great time to get the conversation started. Contact the Higher Information Group team, today, to jump in.

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