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6 Benefits of Working With an IT Service Provider

By Higher Information Group on July 27, 2019 | Technology Solutions

Whether your business is in its infancy or celebrating its 100th anniversary, suitable technology must be a priority. Surviving and thriving as a business requires a foundation that allows employees to work smarter and clients to have the confidence that they are in good hands. This is where a professional technology service provider comes in and can bring tremendous value to an organization of any size.  A few notable benefits of working with a service provider include:

1. More time to focus on business needs

People like to focus on their areas of expertise and what they’re good at. A building architect wouldn’t want to spend time navigating the intricacies of electrical wires. A cardiac doctor wouldn’t suddenly examine a person’s digestive tract.  In the same way, a business wants to, and should, focus on their target area of service or work. Tasks that have nothing to do with what that business provides can become frustrating, tiresome, and distracting for employees. Time and effort spent on figuring out technology can come at a great cost. Using a professional technology service provider allows internal staff to direct their attention toward revenue-generating opportunities and work.   

2. Reduced time spent on maintenance

A few minutes of downtown or of time spent trying to solve a problem related to the office’s technology can lead to enormous business costs. Maximizing time for productivity must be a priority; however, that can be difficult to do with a limited team. That’s where a professional IT service provider comes in. A service provider can focus on system maintenance, security, backup, and disaster recovery. This means your time spent on maintenance will be reduced even while your technology is monitored and managed. Sounds like a win-win 

3. Access to expert support

Access to experts is critical, especially for teams using complex technology. However, manufacturers rarely provide thorough support and generalized support teams lack the knowledge of your business intricacies. This lack of thorough support and knowledge becomes increasingly frustrating for teams. When a relationship has been established with a professional service provider, small businesses receive many benefits such as a team that knows the business, systems maintenance, and customer support. This established relationship can also give priority access to other technology vendors, ultimately giving your business a competitive edge. 

4. Controlled costs

Three words: predictable IT costs. When IT services are kept in-house, they require an increase in staffing (and with that, sick days, insurance, training, turnover, etc.) and accounting for unexpected costs. All of that is eliminated with an IT service provider. The costs are budgeted, planned, consistent, and controlled. This is particularly important for small teams that may not have the budget or flexibility to hire an internal IT staff.   

5. Scalable for teams of all sizes

An IT service provider is suitable for a team of 20 or a team of 200. If your business is small and cannot afford to have a full-sized IT department, the service provider will fulfill those needs and the costs will be controlled. As your business grows, the provider can grow with you, allowing your team to focus on what matters most. 

6. Security and security guards

Let’s talk about two kinds of building security systems for a moment. One kind involves a highly secure system where every employee has a badge that lets them in and out of the building. There are also security guards at the entrances and cameras throughout the building. The other type of building security has a keypad on the outside of the main entrance so that visitors can call the appropriate office. However, the cameras don’t work and there isn’t a security guard at the entrance. If an unwanted visitor enters the building, it’s not easy to track their steps.  These scenarios also apply to IT systems. If a weak system has been established and no one is monitoring it, that system is essentially useless. A professional IT service provider is a kind of security system that comes with security guards. The provider is able to flag unwanted behavior and increase safety measurements.  

Bonus: attract and retain employees

Businesses must evolve to keep up with rapidly changing demands, requests, and resources. Having an IT system that functions properly will no doubt help attract and retain employees. People want to work in an environment where computers and software work as they are supposed to, not one where they spend time waiting due to slow connections, poor technology, or unsafe systems. A professional technology services provider allows businesses to meet and exceed these needs.   Ready to explore an IT service provider for your business needs? Contact us today.  

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