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9 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Document Storage Company

By Higher Information Group on March 20, 2023 | Document Solutions

For decades, businesses have been keeping paper records. Think of the file cabinets filled with paper documents at your doctor’s or dental office. As paper documents multiply, more space is needed to store them. Add to that the pinch on the purse from the recurring cost of buying the paper and the possibility of damage to the documents from frequent handling or, heaven forbid, a flood or fire. A paper-based management system is not a stable or scalable one. There must be a better way, right?

Enter a Professional Document Storage Company that can securely store your records offsite but still retrieve records on-demand! Even better if that same company converts physical documents to digital ones so that everyone in your office has efficient access at their fingertips!

Here are 9 reasons while you should entrust your important records to a professional document storage company:

1. Space Saved

Having enough physical space to store paper documents is no longer a concern. Yay for fewer file cabinets!

2. Cost Savings

If you were paying for extra square footage in your office space, that’s no longer necessary. No more wasted staff time spent searching through files. Eliminating the poor use of staff time is not only a cost savings, but it helps with morale.

3. Business Continuity

If physical files are destroyed or lost, it could be a legal or compliance concern. When your files are securely stored, you have peace of mind.

4. Information Security

A professional document storage solution allows you to safeguard sensitive information and minimize opportunities for those files to get lost or in the wrong hands. Only the people who need access to your records will be able to access them.

5. Compliance

Retain and track the financial, personnel, health, or other business records you need to be compliance with specific record retention policies.

6. Access As Needed

No more time wasted tracking down the physical document. Using a barcoding system, a secure record retention team can easily locate the correct box and record, scan the file and provide you with an image-on-demand. If you choose to convert your paper records to digital files, members of your team can easily search, and access electronically as needed!

7. Improve Workflows

The system allows your employees to spend on more important tasks and leave the secure document storage and retrieval to the experts.

8. Better Customer Service

If you often need to locate and pull records for clients or customers, a secure records retention facility that provides images-on-demand allows you to service customers quickly!

9. Secure Record Destruction

Some industries require businesses to store records for a set time and then destroy them. A secure document storage facility will be able to provide secure document destruction as needed. You will have peace of mind knowing that your physical files have been properly disposed of.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a Professional Document Storage Company to ensure their documents are secure and easily accessible by the right people when needed.

If you’re looking to stay compliant while reclaiming your office space, we can help.


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