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Best Practices for Your Professional LinkedIn Profile

By Higher Information Group on November 14, 2022 | Marketing Solutions

If you’re looking to grow your professional network, leveraging your LinkedIn professional profile is a great channel to make connections, generate leads, position yourself as a thought leader, and more!

1. Be sure to link your professional profile to your company page.

Log into LinkedIn and go to your profile. Scroll down to the “Experience” section. If your company logo shows up in this section, you are linked correctly. If your position and company name are listed, but the company logo does NOT appear, you’ll need to link to the company page. (Make sure the company page exists.) To make changes click on the pencil or “edit” icon in the Experience section and again for the particular role/company you want to update. As you start typing the company name, LinkedIn will provide options. Look for the correct option, which may not be the first one you see. The correct company logo is typically an indicator that you’ve got the right link. Click on it and SAVE.

2. Leverage Images.

Use a professional headshot for your profile photo. Also, don’t skip adding a background photo. Both images should be professional and not of a personal nature. Save the photos of your kids and pets for Facebook, Instagram, etc. If possible, consider a background image that is relevant to your personal or professional brand.

3. Get attention with a well-crafted headline.

Aside from your profile pic, your headline is one of the most visible components of your profile. It appears directly beneath your name. Many people simply choose to use their current position title, but if you’re looking to show up in more searches, we recommend using attention-getting keywords that are relevant to your role or skill sets. It should be simple and clear – and be interesting enough that people will want to learn more. There is currently a 220-character limit, which forces you to keep it simple!

4. Include a summary that focuses on your strengths.

You can use the Experience section (listing previous roles) to give people an idea of what you’ve been up to. Make use of the summary section to succinctly explain who you are and why someone might want to connect with you. If you have a personal mission statement or elevator pitch, this is a great place to use it.

5. Connect & engage.

If you want to grow your network, engagement is critical. Ask for endorsements from those you’ve worked with in the past, and return the favor. Connect with people in your professional sphere and follow organizations in your niche or that you find inspiring and join relevant groups. Like and comment on posts by others – or even share them when appropriate.

6. Post regularly.

While keeping your profile updated is important, the real key to getting more exposure on LinkedIn is activity. Create regular posts, but switch things up. Post a variety of things – share company page posts and other news related to your industry, while mixing in information about your favorite causes, motivational quotes that you appreciate, etc. A blend of blog posts, text posts, images, and videos is ideal.

7. Incorporate hashtags.

Using 3-4 hashtags per post on LinkedIn. Hashtags should be relevant to the post you’re sharing, and you may notice that LinkedIn even makes recommendations for hashtag use.

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