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Lean Marketing: How a Team Approach Could Supplement Your Internal Efforts

By Higher Information Group on September 8, 2019 | Marketing Solutions

Is your company’s internal marketing team getting the results you want to see? For many small and medium businesses, the answer to this question often ranges from “meh” to “not at all.”

The truth is, marketing is tricky in just about every industry. There’s a lot that goes into communicating effectively to your target audience, and there’s even more that goes into finding and actually reaching that audience.

To add to the problem, many small to medium businesses don’t have the resources or capacity to develop their marketing efforts to their fullest potential. Your in-house marketing staff is doing the best they can with the resources they have, but it may not be enough.

Does this sound familiar? Have we described the situation at your organization? If so, we have some good news: there is hope!

Lean Marketing Is Important, No Matter Your Company Size

One way to improve outcomes is to implement lean marketing strategies. But what exactly do we mean by that? If you’re running a small business, your marketing department probably feels pretty lean just because of its natural resource limitations— but that’s not what we’re talking about.

Lean marketing is agile marketing. It’s a process by which your company intentionally and regularly evaluates the return you’re getting on various marketing endeavors. The ones that aren’t delivering either get fixed or get nixed.

Implementing lean marketing takes intentionality. Companies have to build in time to review and evaluate existing campaigns. It takes active management to kill an existing campaign, but it’s worth it. Marketing costs money, and spending your dollars on campaigns that aren’t delivering is akin to throwing money away.

Take a Team Approach

Many businesses struggle with marketing because they aren’t able to devote the proper resources or headcount to it. Startups and particularly small businesses may not even be in a position to devote anyone to it full time. And, some mature companies may be fully staffed, but that staff could seem stuck in a previous decade’s way of doing things.

Partnering with an outside firm with a laser focus on digital marketing solves any and all of these problems. When you work with an external marketing team, you can supplement your internal team and drive great results.

Is your in-house team great at certain aspects of marketing, but not others? Partnering with the right outside firm could fill the gaps. Focus your in-house team on what they excel at and outsource what they don’t.

Benefits of Working with an External Team

There are plenty of benefits of working with an external team. Below, we’ll outline just a few.


Digital marketing firms are certainly capable of taking overall marketing efforts, but they’re very familiar with the collaborative, “fill in the gaps” method. By partnering with an outside firm, you’re adding capacity, brainpower, and – often – the specific experience you don’t have in-house. The collaboration benefits of these additions are clear.

New Insights

When you work with an external team, you gain access to a pool of marketing experts. Each one is capable of making new insights about your business and marketing efforts. Your partner organization can spot insights your in-house team has missed.

Speed of Delivery

When you work with an outside firm, you increase your capacity as well. Your combined team can produce more and produce it faster. Your speed of delivery on new marketing initiatives can increase greatly over what your in-house team alone can deliver.

Ready to Explore?

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