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Cherewka Law: Marketing Success Story

By Higher Information Group on January 24, 2022 | Success Stories

For the past 20 years, Cherewka Law has been helping clients protect what is most important to them. Through targeted estate planning, real estate services, and nonprofit law, Cherewka Law has become a trusted legal firm in central Pennsylvania and a resource for accountants, insurance professionals, and financial advisors.

But something was missing: Cherewka Law had no digital marketing strategy and an extremely limited online presence.

With over 20 years of combined experience working on digital marketing strategies and campaigns for law firms, Higher Information Group was a natural fit to help Cherewka Law take its online presence and marketing strategy to the next level.

In the Beginning

While Cherewka Law had a website, it provided limited information. The initial goal of the HIG team was to create a resource center, positioning Cherewka Law as the trusted source of information for all things related to estate planning: only when individuals and business owners understand the value of planning, can steps be taken to improve. To accomplish this, the HIG team reworked the website to be more responsive, while updating content and overall structure, and advertising upcoming events and available workshops.

Ongoing Modifications and Updates

Once the site was in place, delivering a positive visitor experience, the strategy changed. The team began to put together regular blog posts, social posts, and campaigns designed to attract Cherewka’s target market, provide informative, actionable information and encourage conversions.

The team worked within Cherewka Law’s budget while listening closely to their needs. Additionally, we learned from each other, modifying processes as necessary to deliver the best possible outcomes and maximum numbers of conversions – in the form of completed contact forms and consultations.

Growing Together

As time went on, HIG was able to apply the Cherewka Law strategy to other law firms, applying new tactics and strategies to each client to meet individual needs while gaining expertise in the legal digital marketing field.

We believe that providing information, establishing trust, and serving as a resource before a legal need arises facilitates stronger relationships when a client is faced with the need to take action or selects to move forward with planning, as in the case of Cherewka Law’s clients.

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