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Housing Authority of Dauphin County: Technology Success Story

By Higher Information Group on January 25, 2022 | Success Stories

The Public Housing Program provides subsidized housing to qualified low-income families, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities. Since 1959, the Housing Authority of the County of Dauphin has been assisting families and individuals in finding safe and affordable housing. The first public housing development through the Housing Authority opened in 1963. There are now a total of 725 units.

In addition to the Public Housing Program, the Housing Authority implemented the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program in the mid-1970s. Over time, the Housing Authority gradually increased the size of the Section 8 program. Today, the Authority is authorized to assist up to 1,072 families.

The Challenges

As the landlord, the Housing Authority is required to provide a decent, safe, and sanitary dwelling that adequately accommodates each family accepted for admission.

Unfortunately, the Authority was experiencing theft and vandalism within some of the apartment/ townhome communities. Criminal activities were reported involving both trespassers and residents.

As some of the activity occurred in stairwells and other areas with low visibility, the Authority did not have the necessary evidence to give to police in order to make arrests, carry out evictions and take steps necessary to ensure the communities and their residents were safe from crime.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a more secure environment, the Authority moved forward with a project bidding process in order to select a technology partner with expertise in the installation & networking of surveillance cameras.

The team at Higher Information Group was selected for the initial project and was able to provide an affordable solution for the Authority which would allow them to record incidences of crime and help identify suspects.

The Why Behind the Services

Though the Authority had an idea of what they needed, they trusted the expertise of the Higher Information Group Security team to know best how to accomplish their objectives.

For townhomes in the community, the HIG team used point-to-point WiFi to locate security cameras where needed and have the ability to project the internet to a receiver on another building in order to power up the cameras.

A hardwired system was implemented in the apartment buildings, allowing every camera to have its own dedicated line coming into the device storing the data.

The Implementation

HIG’s security team began implementation based on their blueprints and installation of initial systems went flawlessly. Delivery was completed on time and within budget.

The Authority’s management was so pleased with the initial project that they moved ahead with the installation of surveillance systems in three additional communities.

The Results

The systems provide security and a sense of well-being. The Authority now has tools in place that not only serve as a deterrent to crime but also furnish the necessary ability to “turn back the clock” and view videos of what transpired, identify suspects and take the proper action.

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