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How In-Plants Are Adapting to Changing Conditions

By Higher Information Group on October 11, 2022 | Office Solutions

Using in-house printing operations is a way to manage all the printing necessary to run a business, both internally and externally. As businesses readjust to returning to the workforce after the COVID-19 pandemic, in-plant print operations are also adjusting in terms of workflow, staffing, and managing work at capacity. With ongoing changing working conditions, in-plant production printing companies are learning to adapt in their own unique ways.

In-Plant Workflow Challenges and Strategies

As automation in tech and AI have become increasingly commonplace across all industries, in-plant print operations have also taken notice. Approximately 85% of in-plant respondents who were surveyed stated that they are currently in the process of retooling their overall operations to increase both productivity and automation.

Another 79% reported that their organizations or companies were focused heavily on investments pertaining to growth, people, as well as future relevant technologies. The pivot towards future technologies and automation is extremely apparent among production printing companies, both big and small.

Additional workflow challenges and strategies that in-house printing operations are currently facing across the board include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Automation: As stated above, automation is one of the biggest challenges facing the production printing industry.
  • Staffing: Having the ability to maintain proper staffing levels is crucial for those who provide in-plant print operations.
  • Equipment: In-house printing operations must have the ability to keep up with the latest technologies and production printing equipment needed for the demands of customers.
  • Analytics: Knowing what prospective clients want is another challenge that production printing companies face, which is why so many are transitioning to the cloud with their day-to-day operations.

In-Plant Workflow Trends

One of the most notable workflow trends among in-plant print operations includes the automation of tasks. Automating tasks for in-house printing operations is possible with the following tasks:

  • Hiring management/job reporting
  • Generating analytics and data
  • Prepress makeready
  • Color management
  • Job estimations
  • Preflighting

Another trend that is becoming increasingly common among production printing companies that manage in-plant print operations includes moving to The Cloud. Transitioning in-house printing operations to the cloud is a way to easily access and manage operations, documents, estimations, and client profiles from one centralized location. Additionally, transitioning work to the cloud is also a way to easily connect with employees, contractors, and even customers themselves, even if you do so remotely. While production printing companies have already begun the transition to the cloud, it is likely that many in-house printing operations will have completed the task within the next two years.

Why Parent Organizations Use Print

Many parent organizations still choose to use print to promote products and services while also providing prospective customers with something physical and tangible. Some advantages of using print include:

  • The communication effort and value associated with the use of printed materials/documents
  • Recyclability of printed communications (especially when using recyclable materials)
  • Tangible nature of the printed item
  • Customer acquisition advantages (over alternative marketing methods)
  • Budget considerations/Affordability (especially for those targeting specific local regions or audiences)

Production printing companies and in-plant print operations adapt to changing conditions to ensure that their clients are provided for while always maintaining a suitable and efficient work environment. By being proactive and incorporating changes as they become necessary, in-house printing operations can continue to grow and thrive.

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