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Medical Offices can Reduce Waste and Save Money with Double-Sided Printing

By Higher Information Group | Healthcare

As healthcare costs continue to climb, so too does the cost of providing patients with the best possible care. Many medical facilities are looking to save money where they can. One great way to cut back on business expenses is to use duplex printing! This is the process of printing on both sides of a sheet of paper rather than just one.

There are multiple ways that duplex printing can save your medical office money and increase your bottom line.

Double-sided printing saves paper. By consistently printing on both sides of a sheet, your medical staff will end up using nearly half of the paper that they usually need. For example, let’s say your doctor’s office usually uses $3,000 worth of paper for printing needs each year. By switching to double-sided printing, the office could save up to $1,500 annually. Your medical practice could reinvest these savings into other areas of the business to reach new potential patients and increase efficiency.

Duplex printing is not only economically friendly, but it is also better for the environment. If everyone used half as much paper by printing on both sides of a sheet, there would be less of a need to cut down so many trees.

According to stopwaste.org, the pulp and paper industry is the largest industrial user of water, the biggest water polluter, and the third largest emitter of global warming pollution in most industrialized nations. Printing less paper could help combat those issues facing our environment.

In addition to decreasing paper spending costs, duplex printing also lowers energy costs. As is the case with paper, using less energy will decrease your medical office’s  expenses. Using double-sided printing to create 2 pages on 1 sheet requires less energy than printing 2 pages single-sided. This means that duplex printing is more efficient and will create less strain on your office’s multifunction printers.

Decreasing your medical office’s energy usage in turn decreases the pollutants associated with delivering that energy. It may only be a small amount, but if everyone uses just a little less energy, it could go a long way toward preserving our planet.

Want to switch to duplex printing? At Higher Information Group, we continue to evolve and incorporate new office solutions that help medical facilities transform how they do business. Browse our site or reach out to a member of our team to learn how we can help your doctor’s office reach its full potential!

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