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The Benefits of In-House Mailing Equipment for Medical Facilities

By Higher Information Group | Healthcare

If your medical office is looking for ways to improve efficiencies and cut costs, you’ve probably checked in all the normal places. You’ve found affordable printers, business supply sources and more. But, what about how your medical practice sends mail? Have you considered bringing mailing equipment in-house?

If you’re considering options for your doctor’s office, or looking for ways to fully equip a new medical facility, in-house mailing equipment should probably fall high on your priority list. Check out a few of the many benefits, below.

Time is Money

Any time your medical office staff puts into any project or initiative comes at a cost, whether it’s clear cut or hidden. When someone needs to run to the post office for large mailing initiatives, it cuts into their productivity. Bringing mailing equipment in-house eliminates wasted time that could be better spent on helping your patients.

Postage Discounts

With in-house mailing equipment, your medical office may qualify for commercial shipping rates and discounts. This could save your office up to 5 cents on every stamp and up to 40% on priority mail labels you print in-house. This kind of savings could add up over time, allowing your doctor’s office to invest in other potential areas of growth or to cast a wider net in mail campaigns targeting potential patients.

Easy Record-Keeping

By working with a professional mailing equipment vendor, your medical practice may be able to track expenses with ease using reporting software and data. Knowing where and when your money is being spent—through actual mailing campaigns, their printing and beyond—could be beneficial when allocating and creating future budgets and plans.


If you rely on rolls of stamps, or on sending employees to the post office, you cannot be sure your budget is all going toward essential business practices. Because in-house mailing equipment can be password protected, you can better track the mailing process at all points.

Multiple Equipment Options

Mailing equipment is far from one-size-fits-all. By working with a team that understands your medical staff’s needs, you can be matched with the appropriate mailing equipment, instead of shopping around solo or attempting to research it on your own. From simple meters to high-volume, commercial-level machines, there’s equipment to match your medical office’s specific mailing habits and needs.

You Don’t Need to Sacrifice Great Support

If you’ve been leery of bringing mailing equipment in-house because of the support and/or expertise you’ll need to get started, now’s a great time to overcome those hesitations.

When working with a team like Higher Information Group to bring mailing equipment in-house, you can partner with a knowledgeable team able to support and service your medical facility’s machines, without putting extra duties on your in-house IT team. It really is possible to experience great benefits without extra stress.

If it sounds like a great fit, that’s because it probably is. Your medical staff can focus on what matters most (Your patients!) while the in-house mailing equipment helps drive better efficiency while lowering standard mailing expenses and costs.

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